Hitman on Xbox One X piles on the upgrades

DF: "Io Interactive has revamped Hitman's visuals on all platforms, and released an Xbox One X patch. This was a great title on PS4 Pro, but can Microsoft's new system improve the game still further?"

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2cents386d ago

Quite the upgrade from base Xbox one, also impressive performance when pitted against the Pro.

The X sure is bringing in some surprising results.

reborn1213386d ago

why is that surprising to you? it's got higher specs? will it be surprising when the ps5 plays better? or xbox6 or ps7 and so on. stupid comment.

2cents386d ago

wow, how bitter you are.

FYI I'm surprised 3rd party Devs are giving the X so much love in the way of these upgrades.
I own an X, commenting positively in an X article. You are clearly just a hater... Go piss on someone's else's parade. Now I've explained myself i got nothing else to say to you.

Darkwatchman386d ago

Well I for one was not expecting a native 4K and considering the CPU bottlenecks of all the current gen systems along with Hitman’s underlying systems relying heavily on AI, a cpu intensive task, I WAS CERTAINLY not expecting the same 1440p resolution as pro on top of enhanced level of detail settings while providing a very solid 60fps target for most of general run of play in its high framerate mode.

freshslicepizza386d ago

Some didn't think developers would be taking advantage of the hardware, looks like it's getting decent support.

TankCrossing386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

A lot of people looked at the specs (particularly the 4.4 vs 6 teraflops) on paper and estimated a 40% increase over the Pro. Those people are probably surprised to see it is actually performing closer to 100% better than the Pro.

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Cyborgg386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

I wouldn't buy a $550 dollar console just for a little better graphics.

Darkwatchman386d ago

You mean significantly better graphics? 1440p vs a fully native 4K or the high framerate mode that is mostly 60fps running at the same 1440p resolution as ps4 pro along with enhanced level of detail on top of that?? This is one of the more significant upgrades over ps4 pro that currently exists.

Cyborgg386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

That's the problem I feel like the Pro and X is a waste of money because you can play the same games on the OG consoles and the OG consoles graphics still looks great for the value. Majority of PC gamers care more about graphics not the casual gamer

ONESHOTV2386d ago

"Majority of PC gamers care more about graphics not the casual gamer" PC gamer here and that's not true

ZeroX9876386d ago

when the Xbox One and PS4 came out, they had great graphics!

now it feels like a smartphone business.

How about releasing a brand new console every year, so anyone could only brag for about a year until the next one is announced. It would become a who makes the greatest games competition instead.

Father__Merrin386d ago

It's not the world of difference. I think Eurogamer are getting over excited over nothing tbh. Every game warrants a new article they are in full on Xbox one X promotion mode

343_Guilty_Spark386d ago

2x more pixels (1440 vs 4K) isn’t slightly

Cyborgg386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

It looks slightly to me. Both consoles cpu are weak this gen including the X and Pro

KionicWarlord222386d ago

Another strike on the belt of DA X.

The beasts has a solid striking stance.

Doesnt get gassed out like other contenders.

optimus386d ago

i assume this is because io interactive went independent and are free to do what they want with their properties now...hitman did very well as an episodic so they figured why not make it better if they can and show everyone they can work very well alone. the last hitman game i played was on the 360 so i may pick this one up for the regular xb-1 as i've been hearing good things about it.