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There’s so much to like and appreciate with Star Wars Battlefront II (SWBF II), the gameplay itself is smooth, the guns sound authentic to the films and the action is big. When you combine that with the pseudo-impressive Frostbite engine, EA’s prize graphics platform for all its games now, you’re left with probably the most visually stunning video game on consoles. That being said, graphics aren’t everything and when you remove that component, you’re left with a story, game modes, loot crates, and monetization, all of which can completely undo everything positive.

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AnubisG359d ago

Jinger incoming claiming that this is an unfair review in 3, 2, 1....

thorstein359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

Loot crates are now part of review scores.

The game itself is great. I don't like loot crates anymore than anyone else. That's why I didn't pay for them on Battlefield 1 or Black Ops or Team Fortress 2.

But if loot crates are a source for poor review scores then why weren't they when gamezone reviewed those other games I mentioned? COD WWII got an 8 with no mention of loot crates/ microtransactions from these guys.

AnubisG359d ago

Very simply because in this case it actully affects your progression online possibly giving you an unfair advantage over others.

Also, loot crates should have been always mentioned in every game. I've been saying this for a long time that loot crates, MTs and the like are total BS in games and a ripoff. But it took a huge name like Star Wars to finally brought it to the forefront. Instead of you saying "why not other games why only this?", you should be happy that finally this is being talked about and taken seriously. From now on moving forward, loot crates and MT's should be shown in reviews and rightfully impacting the games score especially when it's tied to progression.

You and Jinger act like children....."ok I did this bad thing but look at others, they are also bad...take your attention from my evil deed and look at that other evil deed instead."

Why this? EA took it too far. They taken it way too far. Much, much further than any other company before.

MT's should be removed from games, period. ALL games. They are not needed. Game development is not more expensive to developers as the profit they receive is growing exponentially every year so don't even go there.

thorstein359d ago

I am playing the game and I get the boxes for free and I can build (you could in the BETA) the cards I want with "parts."

I am not acting like a child when I am calling out critics for poor criticism skillz.

Hate the game because of loot crates and mts, sure. But a critic can't suddenly change their criteria because it is "hipster" to hate on a game.

Remember, The Order 1886 was too short so it got bad review scores. No Man's Sky got bad review scores for features that weren't promised. So, why aren't those criteria used anymore?

Why isn't length used? Why are there no complaints about features that were never promised?

If anything, the game deserves hate, but for pulling the promised VR missions. A feature that was promised while the game was being presold. That deserves hate, but spare me the "well now it's important" garbage.

It ruins the integrity of the reviewers.

AnubisG359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

No, I will not spare you the now it's important garbage.

MT's have never been so integrated in a game before. Should have they mentioned MT's from the start? Sure!! Are game critics consistant? No!! Is it fair to point out MTs in SWBF2??? Yes!!

So by your logic, if so far they did not say anything about MT's but here comes a game where the core mechanic is built on MTs, reviewers should just shut the fuck up about it because you think it's "hip" to shit on SW now? Come on guy. You should be happy that they finally started including this garbage business practice in their reviews and hopefully they will from this point going forward and this could change the industry for the better.

Also, you know damn well if they don't do it now, they will be called out on it at this point. The gaming community kind of forced their hands.

thorstein359d ago


The MTs are exactly like Call of Duty Black Ops 3 and Battlefield 1 and Team Fortress 2 (which I bought retail) and Destiny and Destiny 2 and NBA 2k and FIFA and ...... Exactly.

Earn credits to get your loot crate or buy them. See other people with stuff you want, buy credits to get loot crates. In fact, BF1 has for purchase shortcuts which is exactly what Pay 2 Win is.

Candy Crush doesn't have integrated MTs? Please.

Also, by your logic, something that has been turned off needs to be argued about ad nauseum while ignoring egregious mt's andn loot crates (Destiny 2.)