You Can Hire a Call of Duty: WWII Pro to Play the Game for You

Playing a video game is so last year. Now you can hire someone to do it for you.

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fenome361d ago

People seem to be really into paying to play less nowadays. People paying for trophies, doing this kind of stuff, paying to skip progression. It's weird, it's like just play games and have fun.

Skankinruby361d ago

Common sense unfortunately is a hard quality to come by these days

UltraNova361d ago

And for what? Virtual bragging rights? People need to get out more...or you know play their own damn games...

Fullmetalevolust360d ago

I'd pay someone to do my chores and run my errands so I can play more games, if I could afford it.
If you think the game (grinding, progressing) is a chore then play something else bc the merit system is gone at that point if someone else does it for you.
Some may argue that it may boring after a while to always play at maxed out settings. I like a healthy challenge in my games and sometimes I play games without much merit to relax.

GamesMaster1982361d ago

Yeah because that's why i spend all that money on a game to let someone else play it for me. What type of tool would do that ?.

Chexs1990361d ago

The level of stupid is strong in humans... We've reached a point where the stupidity of our species is worse than it was in some of the ancient civilization. Can't figure out why the hell anyone would pay to NOT play a game -_+

KillZallthebeast361d ago

Lol you're one of those people. Every species human or any other has it's rejects. We just as a society have come so far that what darwanism would have weeded out no longer applies. Ancient civilizations had a plethora of dumbasses too

Chexs1990359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

It's true, I'm one of them :P
Honestly though, it's exactly because of the complete lack of Darwinism, that dumbasses have platforms to speak from. This, in turn f**ks up other people's perceived realities, and from there it's just an iterative downward spiral :)
Ancient civilizations at least had the decency to not be all too afflicted by them, that's the difference.

datriax361d ago

Just when I thought the human race couldn't achieve a new low of stupidity, here we are.

Elda361d ago

What's the point of buying games including hardware to run it,this is the dumbest thing I've heard.

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The story is too old to be commented.