Top 10: Kick ass moments from a day with Fallout 3 writes: "With their nuclear-powered RPG now mere weeks away from release, Bethesda kindly invited us over to their Soho office to soak ourselves in the game for a good seven hours or so. While there's clearly still tons of stuff we have yet to experience, here's our Top 10: Kick ass moments from a day with Fallout 3. Be warned: while we're forbidden from discussing the main plot, reading this list will blow a few surprises relating to side quests, and the like."

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dexterwang3543d ago

Can't talk about main plot? 360 version is already leaked and pirated, my friend just finished the game and said it was a total blast, great story in the end apparently... I'm sticking to my principles and waiting for the official release... so ever tempted to grab it for my modded 360 though... ug freakin pirates

3543d ago
lelo3543d ago


Finished the game? The game got leaked today or yesterday. How did he finish a 100 hour game in 1 or 2 days. Unlease the game is not 100 hour long.

dexterwang3543d ago

I was surprised he finished so fast too, but he's the type of guy who finished bioshock in 10 hrs when it was first released... heck a week before it came out. But I'm guessing game is very long if you want to do everything in the game, but if you just follow the main story its not so bad, ala oblivion.

ps-downloading it right now, but I promise to buy it when it comes out!! Probably will buy the ps3 version so I can compare them

LeonSKennedy4Life3543d ago

That includes many side-quests.