Is L.A. Noire a Modern Classic or Disappointing Failure?

Rockstar's L.A. Noire has the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, making it particularly difficult to evaluate scientifically. What exactly is it, then?

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strayanalog362d ago

In my opinion, L.A. Noire is an interesting, but flawed experience that stumbled in the right direction. Not a failure or masterpiece, but a slightly above average game that isn't for everyone. If a sequel were to be made I would imagine it would be one of the gems of the year.‎

YodaCracker360d ago

It stumbled in the right direction for me: I loved this game on Xbox 360 and it was one of the first games where I bought all the DLC and couldn’t get enough. I can definitely see how it could turn other players off though.

SolidStoner360d ago

Its a game for serious mature people, It had great story and best crime solving puzzles, the only down side was dead and empty world with nothing to do in it, no side stories or mini games like in GTA!

mikeslemonade360d ago

It was already primitive when it came out for the PS3. It's overrated game and one of the dumbest games to remaster.

PhoenixUp361d ago

I would’ve taken the great Max Payne 3 over this

Prince_TFK360d ago

For me this was one of the best games for last gen. The story is great and interesting and the gameplay itself is also serviceable.

Tross360d ago

I'm in the modern classic camp. Sure, the open world aspect sucks, as does getting from point A to point B, but just let your partner drive and enjoy the cases. I swear, I binged on this game when I first played it. Its definitely one of Rockstar's most underrated titles.

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