Nearly 9000 Players Are Boycotting FIFA 18

From GameWatcher: "FIFA 18 players are boycotting EA's Black Friday sales in an attempt to fix the game's Ultimate League system, which has long been a massive and time-consuming ordeal to encouraged people to spend money in microtransactions."

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indyman77120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

I wish I could Curse then I would say what I really feel about EA (Eat A** ).

Goldby120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

well at the end of the day, EA is all about the green back so you could say eat A$$

indyman77120d ago

LOL.....I like your version too Goldby!

rainslacker120d ago

They seem to be having an abysmal week.

Wonder what they're thankful for on this day.

nakemifo120d ago

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AmstradAmiga120d ago

EA got you beat in terms of BS.

BenjaMan64121d ago

Uh oh. EA sure opened a Pandora's Box. Wonder how all this will turn out.

Malphite121d ago

Hopefully in better designed games.

indyman77120d ago

Hopefully in no micro transactions.

shaenoide121d ago

No it's Pandora's lootbox ^^

nommers121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

At least it’s not Al Gore’s lockbox

Godmars290120d ago

Hopefully with the end of DLC and MTs, game publishers feeling entitled to endless profits off of a single purchase, even if it means $80 games.

Ashlen121d ago

I applaud the effort but c'mon 9000 people won't even register as a slow day for EA. If you get 900,000 people to stop playing maybe EA might notice it. But I mean these people still bought the game, if you want them to feel it stop buying the game.

BLow121d ago

Didn't this game sell 1 million in Germany alone and just on PS4? 9000 seems like nothing but I guess you have to start somewhere. Like the old saying, "Rome wasn't built in a day".

DJStotty121d ago

well if those 9000 people were planning on spending £20-50 each on points.

Thats £180,000 - 450,000. Sure not millions but close to half a million. That is still alot to lose even to someone like EA.

Just think if the 9000 are the Youtubers that spend 1000s on Fifa Points for publicised pack openings? Then it starts to be a lot of money

shaggy2303121d ago

When EA makes three quarters of a BILLION from Loot crates in games like FIFA, they wont miss half a million.

DJStotty121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

They dont individualise all assets. This coupled with whats happening with battlefront all adds up to accumulated losses.

They will miss every penny

Godmars290120d ago

Would likely require complaints like this to be 1/3 of total sales before EA would even start to worry.

Fist4achin120d ago

Unfortunately, youre right. 9000 is a decent amount, but hardly a blip on a game that has worldwide sales.

Relientk77121d ago

Good I hope that number grows to... Over 9000!

Apocalypse Shadow121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

I was waiting for the dragon ball reference when I saw the title. Lol!

Ding ding ding. You win... Well not really. I don't have any prizes to give out unfortunately.

Edit: okay I got something

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The story is too old to be commented.