Casual Review Reviews: Governor of Poker

Casual Review writes: "Governor of Poker combines two distinct game elements - Texas Hold'em and a real estate game - with a Western theme, to create a winning hand of casual gaming. For those of us looking to just get into a few hands of virtual Hold'em, that might sound a bit heavier than you need, but the fact is, the bulk of your time will be spent on the most important part: Playing poker!

Let's face it - there's no better environment for Texas Hold'em poker than good old-fashioned Texas, which is why the game uses a fictionalized and highly stylized Texas as its setting. You'll get to wander through Old West towns populated by dudes and dames in big ten-gallon hats, which make them all look the same when you look from above - and most of the game is, in fact, seen from above! Apart from clicking around a little town map to wander around, get poker tips from people and buy and sell houses, most of what you'll be doing is playing poker (no surprise)."

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