Zelda: Breath of the Wild update out now (version 1.3.4)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has received its latest update on Switch and Wii U. Nintendo just came out with version 1.3.4.

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fiveby9121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

Perhaps this is the patch where lootboxes are introduced in game. /s

fiveby9121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

Good point. But at least with Amiibo you get the figure. But good point nonetheless.

InTheZoneAC121d ago

Nintenbots or nintendon'ts can never be joked with, you know that

DaFeelz121d ago

The Sony Ponies, the Xbots and all that 4th grade name calling shit is petty, tired and straight up corny. Lose it.

Kun_ADR121d ago


I agree. People here always turn articles into a fanboy thing. I really don’t understand why.

InTheZoneAC121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

@dafeelz, until the trolls quit downvoting a harmless remark, such as fiveby9's, then that's exactly what they'll be referred to, especially when he clearly marked it sarcasm for the mindless to understand it was just that.

Then of course the quick to complain will always support the person that whines about it, again missing the point that I'm referring to the bots that downvoted a harmless comment.

BTW, thanks for proving my point, comical...

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pingthing121d ago

Daughter says she doesn't want it for Christmas cos it's for babies, I said 'googoo gaga'