Report: Gamers willing to spend $100 - $200 on microtransactions, DLC annually

According to a poll by LendEDU, more than half of gamers say that microtransactions and paid DLC add value to video games.

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trumpwonstopcrying25d ago

It's based on 500 total votes. Not exactly an overwhelming amount of data gathered here.

Solid DLC content I can understand people buying. Anything past that is usually a huge ripoff.

mikeslemonade24d ago

I know a friend who doesn't even make that much money, makes like 45k, and he spends like $300 average on microtransactions on fire emblem, hearthstone, and overwatch. He admits it's an addiction.

FITgamer24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

I rarely spend money on any DLC. Nioh is the only game this year that I've bought DLC for. The only franchise that I always buy DLC/season pass for Battle Field. Which is worth it, IMO.

As far as loot boxes and cosmetic DLC. I don't spend a dime.

indyman7724d ago

Yeah, and speaking to this article it is like saying tv viewers willing to spend up to 100,00 on a tv. Well no stuff Watson!!!

There will always be sellout gamers that make things worse for others. But the vast majority will not. Vote with your wallet. 85% of all news articles are paid for (but they dont identify which ones).

fenome24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

One of the questions from the poll:

"10. On a scale of 1 star (low) to 10 stars (high), rate your trust for big video game developers like EA.

​One Star - 3.20%
Six Stars - 13.6%
Two Stars​ - 2.00%
Seven Stars - 15.8%
Three Stars - 2.20%
Eight Stars - ​17.2%
Four Stars - 4.80%
Nine Stars - 9.00%
Five Stars - 10.6%

Ten Stars - 21.6%​"

----------------------------- -------------------

Where did they do this poll?
Obviously not reddit. Lol

The majority said they "trust" EA, with more than 20% giving them 10 stars. Seriously

rainslacker24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Think pollsters were from EA's staff. Although, 21% still seems high even with that being the case.

Think I would have been more interested if this poll separated DLC and MT, as well as maybe classified the type of MT/DLC. I'd also like to see how many actually have spent money on these things, and how many have actually spent $100-200 annually. The reason I say this is because I know the actual numbers through stuff I see at work, and it is nowhere close to 50% of gamers actually spending that kind of money. Sadly, NDA's prevent me from saying anything, and realistically, all I have is my word for people to believe me on.

rainslacker24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Kind of odd that half of gamers say that, but actual industry reports say that less than 10% of people who play any given game actually spend money on MT. The more a game sells, the lower the percentage goes.

However, I can actually see maybe willing in the case of DLC, because that's kind of a broad spectrum of things, which can be crappy, to really good and desirable. For instance, I have never brought a single MT in my life. But I have brought a few DLC products like TLOU:LB, and will be buying Frozen Wilds soon. There have been a few others. Only season pass I ever brought was DriveClub, but did get the one for Bioshock Infinite free when I brought the strategy guide through a promotion at GameStop.

In any case, being willing to buy MT/DLC is nowhere near the same as actually buying MT/DLC....and the actual numbers prove this to be the case.

DarXyde24d ago

Was just about to comment on the paltry sample size. I'm willing to bet this distribution is skewed by (a) free to play games and (b) popular games with "pay to win" practices.

mikeslemonade24d ago

Edit: the friend spends average $300 per week.

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Travis370825d ago

Report DUMB gamers with money will waste money on DLC and ultimate editions.

Why o why24d ago

Then I'm a happy dumb dumb for enjoying the eff outta frozen wilds dlc. It actually added to the original. . . Just kidding, I don't believe you think all dlc is a rip off.

Travis370824d ago

I don't and especially not Frozen wilds. You all know the type of DLC I'm talking about (cut content)

Seraphim24d ago

while I'm generally not a fan of DLC to say "dumb gamers with money will waste money on DLC" is just plain wrong and narrow minded. More often than not I finish a game and that's it. I'm of the old school variety who thinks, mainly, that a game should be released as a final product and anything more either be included with the game or packaged into a sequel. But there have been some instances the past 3-4 years that I've purchased great DLC for great games. Bloodborne, Horizons Frozen Wilds, The Witchers, even Destiny despite the fact it's overpriced and underwhelming. I do think the practice in whole is a bit excessive and so on, but DLC is not always a waste of money nor is it only so called dumb gamers who buy them. To lump DLC and classify it like one would a MT is many things, not right is one of them.

XiNatsuDragnel25d ago

Dumb gamers be spending those, not actual gamers

Geeeebeeee24d ago

i'm willing to spend 0 on MT.

not gonna be pit against other players and enticed to spend money to win (i'm not gonna win either way though lol)

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