The Worst Hot Take On Loot Boxes Has Been Delivered

There will always be a clash between what consumers of videogames and what investors in videogames want. It might be time to be honest with each other.

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HyperMouse90d ago

Keep it to cosmetics and out of SP and no one cares, start making games a grind to encourage MT's and putting items behind them making them pay to win and its a problem.

XMessiah23x90d ago

Jaded Consumers who feel cheated others can pay for what they earn. I find it petty but I just ignore anything that costs extra cash when i play a game. Just finished Need For Speed Payback and never even needed them very little grinding if at all needed for that game.

fenome90d ago

It's more about people being worried about how far they'll try to take it. There are already pre-order bonuses, season passes, microtransactions, DLC and subscriptions. How long should we ignore it?

We're just trying to protect our hobby.

XMessiah23x90d ago

Game Prices have not gone up in years for a new game. Publishers do have some rights to find other avenues to make money.

fenome90d ago

Their profit margins raise higher and higher every year. They're just taking advantage of people at this point. Fifa makes $800 million a year just off of microtransactions. That's just one game, not even counting the millions of dollars they get from people just buying the game. Games are expensive to make is not an excuse when they're making almost a billion dollars a year off one game, don't let them fool you.

sk8ofmnd90d ago

Leave to EA to ruin something most gamers were ok with. Im glad some jackass came along and put a dirty taste in most gamers mouths... I bet no company would dare do some ish like this again.

DillyDilly90d ago

I bet all publishers hate EA now. But I also want something done about WB & Shadow Of War next worst one

90d ago