Nintendo Switch to Keep Selling Out During Holidays; Among "Most Sought-After Gifts" at GameStop

GameStop executives talked about the sales performance of the Nintendo Switch at its stores and made predictions for the Holiday season.

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darthv7256d ago

this and the X seem to be the hot gift ideas according to GS.

Eonjay56d ago

Here is a list of best seller on their website:

darthv7256d ago

Are you able to filter out the stuff like PS cards and XB cards? Those sell well all year long.

indyman7754d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Question how does it have no games but have the highest attach rate?

QUOTE from this article:
Chief Operating Officer Tony Bartel followed up by mentioning that GameStop has the highest attach rate of games and accessories in the industry for the Switch.

Also NPD numbers and all other ACTUAL numbers not a sql sort shows SWITCH being the leading seller. A website sort is VERY subjective when it contradicts sales facts.

sactownlawyer91656d ago

Uh no PlayStation and Switch will be 1-2 as usual.

CaptainObvious87856d ago

Why would anyone buy a weaker, more expensive console with less games and less 3rd party support in the future.

I just don't get it.

Anon197456d ago (Edited 56d ago )

For me, I already have a PS4 so for 3rd party games I'll play them on the PS4 or PC. I picked up a Switch for Christmas as I've got a young family and Mario Odyssey is something they'd love. I'm quite excited to introduce my kids to games like Mario, Zelda, etc. Nintendo's always had a great, well deserved reputation for their family friendly titles. Mario Odyssey, Zelda, Snipperclips will all be immediate buys for us. You simply don't see games like that on other consoles.

bumbleforce56d ago

Sells out so much I see them at my local target and wal mart all the time

MVGeneral56d ago

Just check Amazon. The U.S. one and Canadian one. The switch has been I stock for weeks. Even bestbuy in stores have it. And also toys rus.

kevnb56d ago

For people to buy them they have to be in stores sometime.

mcstorm56d ago

I love comments like this one. Shops will have them in but they will not be in for very long. Fan boys need to face it the switch has been a hit and why not in a way it's what alot of people were asking for from Nintendo and it is also the best way for Nintendo to compete in the market by making 1 consoles that will work on the go and on the big tv. Nintendo can't be the me to company it would not work for them.

For me I'm glad it's selling well and from the reactions the Xbox x is also selling well to and we know the PS4 is also not slowing down and as a gamer that's what I want 3 companies doing well and comparing with each other not one doing amazing and the others picking up scraps.

MVGeneral56d ago

Just check and and see that's it's always in stock for the past few weeks.

mcstorm56d ago

@MVGeneral lol why would I want to check Amazon I own one so I could not give 2 hoots if they have them in stock. Ide rather be gaming than spending time to see if they are sold out.

Neonridr56d ago

and I bet they are exactly the same units. Maybe see if you can mark one with something, because I guarantee you that it's new stock you might be seeing the next time you visit. Why else would the Switch be winning the NPD sales in NA if that wasn't the case?

The 10th Rider56d ago

There's fairly easy to find at the moment, I don't think they'll become harder to find again until after black friday and then they'll probably be a hot item through December.

michellelynn097656d ago

No they are not easy to find. I can't find any. I am glad I got mine.

The 10th Rider56d ago (Edited 56d ago )


Huh, might be your location. I also said that they're "fairly" easy to find. It's possible it's changed lately since we're approaching black friday week, but a couple weeks ago they were fairly plentiful. I had to find one for my girlfriend back in March and despite watching everything closely it took a month or two before being able to find one. This past month I probably could have found one in a week or two.

Mungamingzone56d ago

Nintendo's success hurts huh ?

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michellelynn097656d ago

The Switch is also the most wanted item this holidays, so it will not be surprising. The Switch has been an amazing system for the industry and a hot Nintendo is always good for the industry.

FallenAngel198456d ago

No reason to adopt now. I can wait longer and get a better deal at some other time

NotoriousWhiz56d ago

Personally, I think the Switch is best as an indie platform. The pick up and play nature just makes perfect sense for games that really remind you of the good old days before DLC and micro transactions.

Kun_ADR56d ago

That is why so many indies games had come and still are coming to the Switch. This console literally does almost everything. AAA, indies, portable, home system, you name it.

And FallenAngel, you should wait 10 more years before buying it.

FallenAngel198456d ago

Yeah it’s a great platform but that’s still no reason for me to wait longer for better deals in the future.

wonderfulmonkeyman56d ago

There's every possibility, pretty much a probability at this point, that the Switch won't be getting a significant price drop any year soon, if ever.
You know that, right?
I mean, Wii U didn't get a significant price drop. $50 once, IIRC, but that was about it.

FallenAngel198456d ago

You do know that Nintendo has done this with every one of their systems right?

Wii U didn’t receive a price drop because of that damn expensive tablet. Switch suffers no such setback that would prevent Nintendo from dropping the price and adding in more value bundles further down the line.

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