Xbox One vs Xbox 360 – VGChartz Gap Charts – September 2017 Update

September 2017 is the 47th month of the Xbox One being on sale. In the latest month the gap grew in favor of the Xbox 360 by 259,825 units and by 3.25 million in the last 12 months. The Xbox 360 currently leads by 1.15 million.

Both consoles launched in November. The Xbox 360 launched in November 2005, while the Xbox One launched in November 2013. The Xbox One has sold 31.18 million units, while its predecessor the Xbox 360 sold 32.32 million units.

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RAM0N 385d ago

This is why Microsoft hides them numbers.

JaguarEvolved385d ago (Edited 385d ago )

These numbers don't matter to xbox fanatics because they don't say 4k. Nothing else matters like exclusive games or how a game performs because if it isn't 4k its rubbish. I can't wait to see all these sales numbers in February and March of 2018 when the novelty of the Xbox one x has worn off for early adopters and PlayStation gamers are getting AAA exclusive games.

darthv72385d ago (Edited 385d ago )

Now that i see this I am actually quite impressed with how well the xbo is doing. Especially for not having any new big AAA games form in house studios. You have to figure that there was a percentage of 360 sales that were replacements but pretty much every xbo sale is a legit sale and not one out of frustration over a faulty system.

With the way it has been doing against the PS4 it was believed that the xbo was significantly behind the 360 but this tells a different story. it may be behind but nothing to the extent people seemed to think.

badz149385d ago


"With the way it has been doing against the PS4 it was believed that the xbo was significantly behind the 360 but this tells a different story."

what does that even mean? are you measuring the xbone success using the 360 as the performance indicator? if THAT is what you're doing here, of course it doesn't look too bad, BUT still it's over a million units behind now and is going to lag a lot more because the 360 hit its stride in sales during the second half of its lifetime.

if you compare it to the PS3, which many xbox fanboys are calling as "failure" you will see how terrible it looks let alone comparing it to the PS1, PS2 or PS4.

but let this sink in; there are more gamers now than ever before but somehow the Xbone is lagging in sales big time. there is nothing in any way that can paint the Xbox ONE as a success. those who do, is in denial!

threefootwang385d ago


Do sales matter for a console? Are Sony fanboys so stuck up over there choice of console that they need sales to justify why they made there choice in gaming?

That's pretty sad, but hey if it helps you sleep at night😂😂

Unless you're making a percentage off of those sales, then who gives a damn about how much they sell.

The fact you have to use that as an argument just shows how insecure you are about the PS4 lol

Jinger385d ago

Yes, because there are no games coming on xbox... *massive eye roll*

badz149385d ago


"Unless you're making a percentage off of those sales, then who gives a damn about how much they sell."

where's your new Wii U game now?

Eonjay385d ago (Edited 385d ago )


If a 1 million (3 million over last 12 months) unit deficit impressed you then the 25+ million surplus of the PS4 much blow your mind

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trunkswd385d ago (Edited 385d ago )

@darthv72 This is around the time the Kinect was released for the Xbox 360, which helped sales for the console immensely.

FallenAngel1984385d ago

Xbox One got its slimline model two years earlier than Xbox 360 did yet its sales are still falling further behind in the same timeframe.

OpenGL385d ago

Looking at these numbers it makes sense that Microsoft would release the Xbox One X. Hardware sales appear to be on the decline and the brand as a whole is suffering a bit.

trunkswd385d ago

The Xbox One X will help push Xbox One sales this holiday, but without a price cut it won't do much beyond this year. They need to improve their image and get more exclusives. Right now the only series you can count on from them are Halo, Gears of Wars and Forza. Getting a new studio to work on a new Fable RPG would help. Though, in the first half of next year there is Crackdown and Sea of Thieves.

badz149385d ago

Sony just countered the X launch by launching their Black Friday deals early everywhere! those $199 PS4s are flying off shelves! $100 cheaper than Switch, $300 cheaper than X.

thanks to that, the impact of the X initial sales aren't gonna be significant at all at least in NA - where it matters most for MS!

PhoenixUp385d ago

Xbox One will be the 2nd best selling console to suffer the 3rd console curse.

darthv72385d ago

I thought I was the only one who understood the 3CC trend. Its hit every major platform holder that has released 3 or more systems.

badz149385d ago

Sony sold over 80mil PS3 though. neck and neck with the 360 but somehow the 360 was a
"success" whereas the PS3 was a "failure".

darthv72385d ago

@badz, the 3CC is not so much a "curse" but just a trend. it simply means that a platform holders 3rd console does not sell as many as the 2nd or (in some cases) the 1st. It doesnt mean its not a success or a failure in the overall.

Atari, Sega, nintendo, Sony and now MS have all had that happen with their 3rd system releases. In most cases it is their 2nd platform that was most popular but that isnt always a set rule. Once they can get past their 3rd console, usually the next ones fare better but its just something about that 3rd one for unknown reason.

Maybe it has to do with people being interested in something else at that time, and then coming back to their 4th system. No one knows for certain, it's just an interesting trend.