Valve Changing Steam Reviews to Fight Bots and Review Bombing

Valve is apparently as sick of review manipulators as you are.

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Activemessiah237d ago

Review bombing only happens when there's some kind of BS regarding the game...

237d ago
killswitch80236d ago

Not always Fan Boys and trolls review often ...that's why Metacritic is really only a 10 or a 0 system.

morganfell236d ago

Not true. Look what happened with Titan Souls just because the devs had a disagreement with TotalBiscuit. A twitter argument and his fans review bombed the game. Fair. No, no it wasn't. TotalBiscuit can be and often is a total jerk. There are plenty of instances like that.

Damthatsword236d ago

Valve barely get anything done on their platform. I guarantee ppl will find a way to exploit The "fix" they'll come up with.

Razzer236d ago

Doesn’t Steam only allow reviews from those who actually bought the game?

morganfell236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

Yes but you can buy the game, play for up to two hours, review bomb the game at any point after 30 minutes of play, and then get a refund. You can also see plenty of reviews where people have 40 hours in a game. And then the negative review consists of one comment. Ridiculous things like "I heard this company is planning on...(fill in the blank)" People review bomb based on innuendo and rumor. utterly stupid.