Black Friday Deals: Physical Copies Seem To Have The Edge

ThisGenGaming Says:"Soon we’ll have the best days possible ahead for gamers who want to buy games at a bargain: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I’ve been keeping a close eye on any possible deals as there were still a lot of games I was looking to pick up but each year I wonder: Should I get the digital copy of a game or get the physical one?

The latter is usually more expensive, which is understandable as the discs, boxes and (usually omitted) booklets all have to be produced. Added to this is that the physical version has a higher perceived value, not only for collectors but it also allows reselling the game or sharing it with friends.

But this year, I noticed a trend: most physical stores seem to be able to go below the price of what’s offered by the online stores of the respective consoles, just have a look at the following table with some examples"

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Fist4achin360d ago

Physical is the one for me!