IGN TGS 2008: Digging Into the New Xbox Experience

IGN writes: "Soon, the Xbox 360 dashboard you know will be a thing of the past. Despite earlier beliefs that there would be a classic view available, this is not really the case. Within the next two months, the dashboard will be replaced with the New Xbox Experience. It's about time.

Let's face it, the current Xbox 360 dashboard is clunky and inefficient. It's hard to find what you're looking for, it's a pain to navigate, and updates tend to be massive undertaking for Microsoft. The New Xbox Experience has a slick design, is easier to navigate, and utilizes Microsoft's Cloud Operating System. That last bit really doesn't matter to the average gamer, but what it means is that it will now be very easy for Microsoft to makes updates and swap out elements of the dashboard without having to do a huge production. So if something is broken or if MS decides to add a blade, it will be easier to do. Hopefully that means an ever-evolving dashboard that gets better every few months."

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