IGN TGS 2008: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Update

IGN writes: "A few levels of the single-player game in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days were playable on the show floor here at TGS. From a mission select screen players choose from several worlds that are floating out in space. Once you've made your selection you jump into some 3D action RPG mayhem with one of several AI partners.

The A button swings your keyblade but we found the attack to be a bit sluggish. Our hero, Roxas, also has the ability to double jump. Your AI partners seem to fare pretty well on their own. You can always hear their footsteps to tell where they are in relation to you. Tapping the R button will snap the camera behind you. In open environments the camera doesn't pose a problem, but in narrow indoor corridors there were many occasions when we couldn't see where we were going or what we were attacking. Combat includes an auto-target mechanic. Nearby enemies will display a target icon and as long as you swing in their direction you'll hit them."

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