Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Looks Set to Continue Nintendo's Hot Streak - IGN

Brandin Tyrrel of IGN writes, "We went hands-on with Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on Nintendo Switch and it's shaping up to be yet another handheld hit."

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UCForce93d ago

Yup, Nintendo is going to own this holiday twice.

hulk_bash198793d ago

Nintendo is having an amazing year. Such a great selection of games for a console less than a year old.

gangsta_red92d ago

Definitely have to get this for the Switch console. Loved part one!

FallenAngel198493d ago

I’m still surprised it’s coming out this year

wonderfulmonkeyman93d ago

I think a lot of us are surprised by that.XD
Remember the Wii U, when stuff was pushed back constantly to the point that we wouldn't see a game hit a supposed release date multiple times in a row?
Looks like Nintendo's actually putting forth some effort to change that.
That or they just aren't giving a release date until they're ABSOLUTELY SURE that they can hit that date.XD

jaymacx93d ago

probably a lil of both. I think they also held titles so that their lineup is spaced out enough. We don't know much about next year but I feel a Direct coming maybe in January.

The 10th Rider92d ago

I'm actually a little confident that Pokemon might hit the projected 2018 release. It's currently listed as "2018 or later". That would be an incredible surprise for next holiday.

FallenAngel198493d ago

That happened because Nintendo struggled with HD during the beginning of Wii U’s lifecycle.

Now they got the hang of it they can output more games in a timely manner.

_-EDMIX-_93d ago


Also consider they are not making home consoles anymore and just a handheld, this allows more time to focus on 1 device vs 2, this also could have been in development already for Wii U and simply ported to Switch considering.......well Wii U's lack of success and all.

FallenAngel198493d ago

Splatoon 2 & Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for example were titles that clearly could’ve been Wii U games but were ported.

It’s blatantly obvious that’s what happened when you consider how underwhelming the Wii U’s finals years were as many titles were being shuffled to its successor. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild however only had to also be on Wii U because the game was previously mentioned so much to release on the system that Nintendo would seem like complete dicks to cancel that version.

EddieNX 93d ago

And their resources were split between 3ds and Wiiu. Now they're mainly focused on Switch.

Neonridr92d ago

@EDMIX - why don't we just say a unified piece of hardware. Call it what you will. It's just one focus now for all the teams. We don't know if Nintendo will only make this hybrid from now on, this is just their current model.

Neonridr92d ago

The Switch came along at the same life cycle of 5 years. Only the Wii defied that life cycle by adding a single year. Nintendo is like clockwork, you can bet your bottom dollar we will see a new Switch or whatever around 2022.

So while some titles may have started development on the Wii U, plenty were already planned for the successor while in development.

wonderfulmonkeyman92d ago

That's all true, but I think it might also be because they don't unnecessarily inflate their budgets to try and match up to graphical expectations, too.

Istolla92d ago Show
Bronxs1592d ago

Right. I guess wii u was a hand held portable console too. Seeing as it’s games get ported to switch.

Switch is a home console. It’s just not the most powerful one. Considering switch is more powerful than wii u which ran great games like bayonetta 2. And wii u was more powerful than a 360 with tittles like gta mass effect red dead etc. No one ever insinuated 360 was a portable console.

But now with switch we have something more powerful than and 360 but just becuase it can fit in a pocket doesn’t make it a portable system. It’s as Nintendo said a hybrid. Want it in your pocket that’s fine. Want it under your tv? That’s fine too. This is why it’s such a hit.

I’ve never played my switch outside my home.

Razzer92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

“EDMIX is still trying his hardest to push the "it's just a handheld" message.“

He repeats that mantra every time he talks about Switch.

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DJK1NG_Gaming93d ago

It's selling really well digitally in Japan through Pre-Purchase.

Moonman93d ago

Next, the haters will say...bu bu bu it has way too many good games to afford a pu pu purchase. lol

jaymacx93d ago

lol nobody ever says that.. what they will say is I don't like those types of games. However Nintendo has been releasing a diverse lineup so far.

Kun_ADR92d ago

And the same people will praise this game to heaven and death if it was released on their preferred plastic.

Moonman92d ago

I'm just saying I have heard it will be that

jaymacx92d ago

@Moonman yeah people do say things that contradict their argument. I think some people just wanna be trolls.

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