'Star Wars Battlefront II' Review (2017) - A Galactic Disaster – Screen Critics

Join Screen Critics Chase as they explore Star Wars Battlefront II - the sequel to EA's interesting multiplayer experience. Is it worth a look?

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thorstein327d ago

...and here come the clickbait "reviews."

Are microtransactions now a part of your review scores? If so, why weren't they before? Why won't they be included in your future review scores?

The answer is: it's just popular to jump on the hatewagon.

ScreenCritics327d ago

When being critical in reviewing something, it's important to take all aspects into account. When they become a barrier to the central gameplay experience, it becomes a problem.

Sorry if there wasn't a vendetta.

Nodoze326d ago

This was the line in the sand. I fully expect them to be discussed in future games as it is entirely out of hand.

thorstein326d ago

Remember when length was suddenly a part of reviews? Now it no longer is.

What is the damn criteria for reviews and what value do they hold if the reviewer makes them (the criteria) up on the spot just to fuel their vendetta?

_-EDMIX-_327d ago

"whenever you die, it shows the cards of your killer, further coaxing you into spending money on the loot boxes when you see what “sweet” card helped take you down"

Wait? Um....buying those has been removed, why did you write that in a review, based on something that is no longer in the game?

I got to agree with Thorstein on this one. Enough with the clickbait reviews. I agree with the questionable progression system, but the rest of the review sounds like its just jumping on the bandwagon looking for clicks.

I'm not sure how I can tell someone to buy this game or not based on features removed.... Be like "don't buy this game as it USED to have this feature, but no longer does, but let me warn you about the REMOVED feature"

At least be fair in the review ,I see no reasons to be reviewing something based on stuff that isn't even in the game anymore.

T2X327d ago

Oh please. It isn't gambling. Gambling is when you feed money into a machine or on scratch tickets in the hopes of winning more money. NOT buying star cards or whatever you want to insert in their place in the hopes of obtaining a bit of gear or buff for make believe characters in a game. And it certainly doesn't make me "Uneasy for the future of video games" Over reacting fools. Always looking to make a big deal out of stupid trivial things.

spicelicka326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

Gambling officially is to "Gambling is the wagering of money or something of value on an event with an uncertain outcome". It not limited to machines and scratch tickets.

You are paying real money for a CHANCE of getting a something valuable (in this case a hero). Although this is removed for now who knows if it will come back just as bad. Games are already riddled with microtransactions compared to 10 years ago, so year the next 10 years are uneasy.

Your fellow gamers are defending YOUR rights, the least you could do is stop complaining.