Sony, Microsoft virtual communities to start

CHIBA, Japan -- Video game rivals Sony and Microsoft are going head-to-head in virtual worlds for their home consoles later this year.

Both companies announced their services, which use graphic images that represent players called "avatars," Thursday at the Tokyo Game Show.

Sony Corp.'s twice delayed online "Home" virtual world for the PlayStation 3 console will be available sometime later this year, while U.S. software maker Microsoft Corp., which competes with its Xbox 360, is starting "New Xbox Experience" worldwide Nov. 19.

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Capt CHAOS3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

What virtual communities. On the Sony yes, on microsoft's xbla, No, I don't see it as a virtual community at all (Thanks god! - Next thing I know, someone'll be throwing a virtual sheep or custard pie at me).

Sony: Sometime later this year

We all know what means.

Japan Dec 27th 2008. North America June 2009. Rest of the world Dec 2009.
Ofcourse, I'm being sarcastic.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3516d ago

Lol, I was just thinking the same thing YURI KAGEYAMA thinks because 3D (three Dimension) avatars automatically means 3D worlds.

kapedkrusader3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

"We focused a lot on friends and other experiences outside just playing games." as if Home doesn't do just that.To top it off the author states:
"Microsoft's service promises to be more varied as a gateway to various entertainment, such as watching movies, going to virtual parties and sharing your collection of photos." Not commenting on the fact that Home is doing the same thing and did it first. I'm in the Home Beta and have seen what MS is proposing with their new dashboard and it's not right that they are considering both to be the same thing.

crazykilla3603516d ago

It has to come out before or during the launch of xbox live lives gay ass dashboard. Because even though microsofts app doesnt stand a chance against sony's, we still have to keep in minda that the sales for microsoft will hurt sony's. Honestly I have both systems and I just want home because it is the only thing ps3 is missing.

Nineball21123516d ago

But I thought it was interesting that this comparison is being made between Home and MS's new Avatars.

If this source is doing it, I'm sure many others are as well.