Quantic Dream's Adam Williams reveals why they chose Detroit

Nope, it has nothing to do with Robocop.

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Soulst0rmer387d ago

Good reason for choice. I think this game has the potential to bring the most impactful story of 2018.

bouzebbal387d ago (Edited 387d ago )

cannot wait for this game

Summons75387d ago

Hopefully, it comes out next year but I do agree.

UCForce387d ago

That’s interesting take to be honest. I really like that.

SojournUK387d ago

I thought it was because it sounded cooler than 'Denver: Become Human'

LP-Eleven387d ago

Based on nothing but nonsense. None of Cage's games have been failures, so no.

OT: Looking forward to this!

Kurisu387d ago

Or so you're hoping. I can't wait to play it, personally.

Edito386d ago

Even if it fails in your head we will still have something with great potential to look forward to... Oh sorry you have something to look forward too... Crapdown 3 that waited for for the X to use the power of the cloud lol and what else State of The Crap and ohh Sea Of Thieves...

Those games will be epic with no doubt but lol

The PS Experience will remind you who is in the driver seat again :-)

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Chumdiddy386d ago

Being from Detroit, I could only wish that a major industry chose to set its headquarters in the city. It's really unlike any city because it was planned after WW2 to be the 3rd largest city in America due to growth numbers correlating from jobs (auto), salary, etc. So, they designed the neighborhoods and infrastructure (water, power, etc) in sized to accommodate 7 million people by 1975.

By 1970 the city growth had stalled. By 1975 it was in decline. By 1985 it was pretty much what it is today: a ghost heap. Hundreds of neighborhoods with these old, beautiful mansions just utterly abandoned. Like, NOBODY lives in these neighborhoods but junkies and corpses left in the boarded up, falling apart, half-burnt houses. It's fn apocalyptic, depressing and sad. So much planned area is abandoned or utterly empty that people have debated turning it into massive farm land. The problem is the money to bulldoze and clean the vacant neighborhoods.