IGN TGS 2008: Halo Wars Campaign First Look

IGN writes: "The Halo franchise has never been a big hit in Japan, so Microsoft's distinctly Halo-themed keynote address at this year's Tokyo Game Show caught some here by surprise. In addition to the much-anticipated Halo 3: Recon campaign expansion, the company also brought Ensemble Studios developer Graeme Devine on stage to give the audience its first look at the campaign of Halo Wars, the real-time strategy game currently in development at Microsoft Game Studios.

But Devine's mere appearance on the TGS stage wasn't the only surprise in store. Those who have been following our Halo Wars coverage are aware that the campaign takes place 20 years before the events of Halo: Combat Evolved, and that you play as UNSC forces fighting the Covenant horde. But the Halo faithful couldn't help but wonder if a certain other enemy force would rear its ugly head in Halo Wars, and Ensemble finally confirmed it – the Flood are back."

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andron6663421d ago

But after watching the video I think Ensemble has done a good job solving many of the console RTS problems. It looks easy to control...