NVIDIA increases GPU market share in Q3 2017, PC gaming segment was once again the bright spot

NVIDIA has increased its GPU market share in this latest quarter. On the other hand, AMD saw a small (0.2%) decrease and Intel saw 3% decrease.

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Ittoittosai364d ago

I would imagen this mostly is do to the retarded crypto miners jack the AMD card prices up.

kevnb364d ago

I dont see how the two relate, nvidia is the one gaining market share.

mochachino364d ago

I really wish AMD would release better GPUs just because it's so hard to find new GSYNC monitors. Every new monitor is freesync. The last GSYNC high refresh rate monitors release around 2 years ago.

Even better, Nvidia would support Freesync but they're way to greedy for that.

Cobra951364d ago

That's a ridiculous comparison graph. Why would I ever want to see Intel's lousy integrated GPUs stacked against real graphics cards? They can't compete in the same arena.