IGN TGS 2008: Quantum Theory First Look

IGN writes: "While Tecmo's TGS 2008 booth may not have much on display, that doesn't mean the company isn't busy. Revealed during a press conference today were trailers for three new games, one of them being Quantum Theory for the PS3. It's a third-person action game that seems to in a few ways resemble that one game Epic made that probably nobody's heard of. Though we didn't actually get to see the game in action, we did learn there'll be a cover system and the gameplay will revolve mostly around shooting. We sat down with a few members of the development staff including producer Keisuke Kikuchi, who's in the past worked on the Fatal Frame franchise.

The basic setup for Quantum Theory has protagonist Syd trying to destroy something called the Living Tower, which you can see in the trailer. It's a large structure lined with spikes and other fearsome architectural designs, and is so named because it's actually an adversary. It seems as you run through it, the tower's layout will actually shift as you play, altering level designs and cover positions. It'll also directly attack you, as well as a variety of viscous-looking enemies."

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