Are AAA Games Killing the Industry?

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Video games are big business. From its humble beginnings in the 70’s and 80’s the industry has ballooned to the point where the next ‘big’ hit can take years to develop, employ hundreds if not thousands of people and cost hundreds of millions of dollars to bring to completion. This has given rise to an industry that relies on these ‘AAA’ titles to keep gamers focused on the next big release on the horizon as well as to mobilize a huge amount of hype for what is essentially just one game out of thousands. And while gamers have always looked forward to the ‘next big thing’ the massive marketing muscle, high sale price and pervasive presence of these ‘AAA’ are undermining the very industry they aim to support."

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PhoenixUp239d ago

Don’t let the bad examples of AAA games make you think that all of them are ruining the industry

Mikelarry239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

Exactly this, AAA games are only part of a larger industry.

Lately I keep asking myself why I play some of these AAA since all they do is BS anti consumer crap and I have started looking to indies for my gaming fix

239d ago
fenome239d ago

It's not the AAA games, it's these multi billion dollar publishers that have ridiculously high budgets, expectations and deadlines that are choking the industry.

strayanalog239d ago

Triple A gaming, no. My money would be on no form of quality management that leads to overspending for a developer.

Sciurus_vulgaris239d ago

There should be more $40 AA games .

FarEastOrient239d ago

Unfortunately gamers have proven not to buy them, that's why the category went away.

kalkano239d ago

AAA games are killing AAA games.

Parasyte239d ago

I would say it is more the Publishers of the AAA games that are the issue and not the devs.

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The story is too old to be commented.