This week's Deals with Gold bring the Shadow of War

This week's Deals with Gold bring the Shadow of War, with some decent discounts that supplement the Black Friday sales, which are now open to everyone.

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theXtReMe1390d ago

Hell yea. Perfect timing, got a $100 gift card yesterday and between the two sales(pre black friday and this) I got:

Final Fantasy XV - $15
Ghost Recon Wildlands - $25
Homefront - $10
Mafia III - $15
Middle Earth: Shadow Of War - $35
The Witcher 3: Complete - $20

These games are going to keep my Xbox One X happy for quite some time.

Thank you Microsoft, for the incredible deals so far this week... and we arent done yet! Between the X and these awesome deals on the games, I feel like Christmas has come early this year.

Assassins Creed: Origins and Forza 7 for $30 each would be icing on the cake. Halo Wars 2 for $10 would be a nice stocking stuffer. :)

Direwolf484390d ago

Wow, awesome grabs! I got the Dishonored 2/Death of the Outsider double pack and both Evil Within games myself. Had $22 in gift cards so it only cost $53 for the four games.

390d ago
Monster_Tard390d ago

I was looking to get the first game, but it's only on sale for 360 and not the Xbox One. Makes me think that maybe it's a GWG title for next month.