IGN TGS 2008: Hands-on Last Remnant's Battle System

IGN writes: "quare Enix is developing what it calls a "role-playing game for the world." It is specifically reaching out past the Japanese market with Last Remnant, an Xbox 360 exclusive (at least for now). The publisher is hoping the more Western character designs and non-traditional gameplay will have broad appeal. We can confirm that it has a pretty different battle system. After playing several conflicts today (and winning them, we might add) we think we've got our heads wrapped around it.

First, a little setup. The main character is named Rush Sykes. He and his sister are the children of scientists. The sister is kidnapped, setting this story into motion. Unfortunately the developers aren't talking about the story very much at this point. Here at the show they're showcasing the basic gameplay mechanics and slick visuals. Last Remnant will include a wide variety of different character races, another part of Square Enix's plan for popular appeal. For more info on the story check out IGN's previous preview, but for now we're focusing on the battle system."

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