Call of Duty: WWII Bad Spawn Rates at a Franchise Setting Low According to Sledgehammer

Michael Condrey, head of Sledgehammer Games says COD: WWII bad spawn rates are at a "franchise-setting low."

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Iloveherliezz391d ago

Yea that's a lie though I've spawned in and die from being shot within a second of spawning a few times. I clear a spawn and they still spawn behind me while in shooting them. This statement is a lie.

1nsomniac391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

Simple fix would be to stop being so lazy & develop bigger, smarter maps. Simple. Guess what, franchise lowest set straight off the bat & you don’t even have to pay me millions to even tell you that. Win, win.

Chuska391d ago

Ha! Playing Hardcore TDM... Spawn points are awful.. Especially on USS Texas.. And the spawn trapping is worse on that map