Nintendo Switch Named Gadget of the Year By TIME Magazine; Xbox One X #8

It’s been a bumper year, and it’s headlined by Nintendo’s wonder new hybrid system. It’s so wondrous, in fact, that TIME Magazine has gone ahead and named it the Gadget of the Year for 2017- in a year that also included the launches of Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8, the iPhone X, and on the gaming front, the Xbox One X.

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Ashlen359d ago

Congratulations Nintendo, well deserved.

AKR359d ago

Still think it's pretty amazing how Nintendo went from being everyone's punching bag for the past four years to now being the popular thing to praise, lol.

But seriously, the Switch is a very good system. Being able to cram the power of a home console into such a small form factor, that still blows my mind. And before you say: "But didn't the PSP/Vita do that?" The PSP had about the same amount of power of the PS2, so anything that came to it that was also on PS3/360 was usually watered down. Same applies to the Vita; it had power similar to the PS3 but has been standing alongside the PS4.

The Switch still can't match the power of a traditional current-gen home system, but it has just ENOUGH for developers to port their games in complete entirety (in most cases). That's very commendable on Nintendo and Nvidia's part.

Gemmol359d ago

You should of seen my eyes light up when i seen my favorite series NBA look good in handheld mode, playing a full game of NBA 2k with no features missing is the best thing Nintendo ever did for me

UltraNova359d ago

Comments like these ^^^ is the reason I cant hate Nintendo for abandoning us core gamers. They still make a shit ton of people happy...that has to count for something.

The Switch is indeed Gadget of the year, Bravo Nintendo.

pramath1605359d ago

@UltraNova, I would say the Switch is hardly Nintendo 'abandoning core gamers', in fact it's a return to them catering to core gamers.

UltraNova359d ago


Not yet, but they are getting there it seems...

Prince_TFK359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

Congrats Nintendo. What a stella year for them. BOTW won GOTY and now the Switch itself won gadget of the year.

I had own a Switch since day one and it was one of the best purchases that I had made in years. On a side note, can’t wait for Xenoblade 2.

Kratos_Kart2007359d ago

Agreed...It's a cool nifty gadget

Moonman359d ago

What a year for Nintendo. Congrats!

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The story is too old to be commented.