Advice for Parents Buying the PS4 at Christmas

This is a guide that parents can read, helping them to become informed about why the PS4 would make a great gift.

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masterfox391d ago

Not only is the best option for parents to get their kids a PS4 but is also cause is the most intelligent option, the reason why I mention this, is because it will save them money in the long run, next year the Switch and xbonex are going to be dry as desert in terms of new games, still lets say their parents buy their kids a Switch or xbonex, next year probably their kids will start leaving those things gathering dust because their exclusives are none existent, this will cause their kids to ask for another console hence the PS4 because of their constant released of great games, so in the end daddy's and mommy's will need to spend more, so is pretty obvious why the PS4 is best option. ;)

Apocalypse Shadow391d ago

Best advice for parents buying the PS4 for Christmas:

Prepare to go broke from all the amazing games and exclusives if you buy stuff at release. And with VR being awesome too, prepare to go to the poorhouse.

Such is the life of a happy PS4 owner.

nitus10390d ago

There is a huge amount of good (subjective) games for the PS4 many of which are under $20 USD. Of course, there are the latest AAA games which will cost.

The main difficulty with any type of gaming is finding the time to play and this can be very difficult if you have more than one person who is interested in gaming since all families or household members will have to compromise if they are sharing a TV (HD or UHD).

There is nothing more annoying if one member of the household loves to watch sport while another likes movies or shows while others want to game. It can even be more stressful if you have two or more gamers in the household.

Frinker390d ago

My advice: Buy the X instead!

Cyborgg390d ago (Edited 390d ago )

Are you serious? I can get a PS4 for $200 dollars right now and save so much money

TankCrossing390d ago (Edited 390d ago )

X? Nah. People that are old enough to appreciate resolutions and graphics will generally know what they want, so parents don't need a "console war" recommendation on which to get. They will have been asked.

The question is more for parents of younger children, and will probably be between PS4 slim/One S/Switch.

Switch is still the most kid-friendly console, it's just what Nintendo do.
Xbox has the best parental controls.
PS4 has the most games "for mummy and daddy".

lolosgolos390d ago

Buy an X and enjoy the best quality in console gaming for the next four years. Any PS4 bought now will be a laughing stock in school playgrounds and parents will be forced to upgrade with no surety of back compat.

nowitzki2004390d ago

Cant be as much of a laughing stock as Xbox has been this whole gen. You know it.

lolosgolos388d ago

In terms of performance yes it has been but it's turned on PlayStation and the performance delta is even worse

Elda390d ago

Let them know if they buy it's going to be rollercoaster ride with the wallet with all the amazing exclusives released & being released on the amazing machine known as the PS4.

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