Janina Gavankar dishes on her role in the new 'Star Wars' video game

The actress shows how she trained for her role as an animated character in the new game "Star Wars Battlefront II."

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Gaming4Life198191d ago

She really is but even her beauty can't save this game from the hate it's getting but hey I like the game and this actress.

Jinger91d ago

Despite the lackluster story, the campaign was still fun. Especially in the levels where you're transitioning from ground battles to flight.

DrumBeat91d ago

Lol. What controversy? -slaps a giant face of Gavankar- on the screen-

91d ago
MetalGearAlex91d ago

This is borderline shallow. They are focusing on her beauty (and talent) to detract from the fact EA royally screwed up and it's unfortunate such an excellent actress/voice actor has to be overshadowed by EA (and Dice's) greed. Let's hope she gets a more honorary (and less overlooked) role in new games. (cause from what I've heard, her story in the campaign and character development is short and is blindsided by fan-fed characters like Luke and Leia and etc)

MetalGearAlex91d ago

and if I were her, though it was fun and (an honor) to make and be part of a Star Wars game -- I wouldn't want to have anything to do with EA or Battlefront II at this point. :(

alexg58791d ago

Desperate Times call for desperate measures lol...whatever works🙄