Videogamer: FarCry 2 Hands-on Preview

Videogamer writes: "What is it, exactly, that makes Far Cry 2's multiplayer mode so much fun? Is it the class system, a carefully designed structure that encourages you to develop your skills along set styles of play? Is it the injury mechanics, the lack of easy healing that makes combat a brutally swift affair? Is it simply the engaging African setting - or perhaps the little details, like the deliciously wet 'thwack!' that accompanies someone getting shot? Perhaps it's all these things. In any case, we have no qualms about saying that Ubisoft Montreal has totally delivered the goods.

If you're one of the many people waiting for Far Cry 2, you'll probably be fairly clued up about the game's little spins and quirks on the standard FPS format. The first thing you should note now is that many of these tricks are also present in multiplayer, albeit in a slightly reworked style. Weapons still degrade over time, but they do so at a much reduced rate; Ubisoft told us that early deathmatch builds featured the same degree of jamming as the single-player game, and that this resulted in matches full of pissed-off mercenaries toting guns that didn't work. Now malfunctions are only likely if you've been alive for quite some time, so dodgy hardware will only be a major consideration for the best players."

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