PlayTM: Prince of Persia Preview

PlayTM writes: " The Sands of Time is something of seminal action-adventure title in my book, Ubisoft's reinvention of the classic Prince of Persia platformer first created by Jordan Mechner not only shaking up an IP brimming with potential but also proving a resilient influence over the third-person action genre as a whole. The game's subsequent sequels stayed largely true to this formula, twisting things to and fro but largely just serving as continuations of the same gameplay; the same world.

After taking some flack for their previous Prince of Persia outing (The Two Thrones brought the plot full-circle, but wasn't as highly regarded as the previous two releases), Ubisoft felt the time was right to give their series another overhaul. Gone are the lengthy titles, gone are the Sands of Time, gone even is the Prince's princely status. Welcome to the new world of the Prince of Persia, and hello, who is this?"

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