Fracture producer responds to mixed review scores

Executive producer Shara Miller, who works for publisher LucasArts, defended developer Day 1 Studios and said "they took a risk and that they did some great stuff with it".

"Any time you do something new there are going to be some people who absolutely love it and applaud you for it and then there are going to be people who say that it's not enough. I feel very proud of Day 1 for what they've done with this. I've played through it a million times; I still have a great time. I really do think it's a very cool new mechanic. I've seen people respond in a great way to that. And so I think there's a lot for people to really love about this game. Any time you try something new it's going to be a little bit controversial. You have to take a risk. I really think that they took a risk and that they did some great stuff with it."

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FreestyleBarnacle3570d ago

I'm said it before and I'll say it again. Although it's third and not first person isn't this just a poor man's Magic Carpet? Can't we get a remake/rerelease of that?
If not please tell me what I've missed about this title that puts it above or even to the side of the Bullfrog classic.