Square Enix Wants "Left Alive" to Be a "AAA Brand;" Will Be "Satisfying in a Hardcore Way"

Square Enix has big plans for its recently announced Left Alive for PS4 and PC, which is intended to be satisfying for hardcore gamers.

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Last_Boss386d ago

Please SE!! Sometime in the near future we get a grand new Front Mission, and how it's supposed to be played.

Last_Boss385d ago

I meant in the old schook way.

385d ago
PhoenixUp386d ago

Not every AAA games needs to have a bloated budget Square Enix

bmf7364385d ago

A bloated budget that has to compensate with lootboxes.

CrimsonWing69385d ago

I wish they'd just make a Front Mission proper. I thought it was such BS the west never got 5.

Chaos_Order385d ago

I finally got around to playing Front Mission 3 last year and the game blew me away. Easily one of the best SRPGs I've ever played despite it being released almost 20 years ago. A modern Front Mission would be awesome, provided they stick to its SRPG roots instead of an action game. (And given the tepid reception of Valkyria Revolution they'd be better off in doing so)

Vizigoth04385d ago

Hmm another PS4 console exclusive? What?

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The story is too old to be commented.