Pocket Gamer: 2-4-1 Family Fortunes and Blockbusters 2nd Edition Review

Pocket Gamer writes: "If only our dear Grandmothers were alive to see this day - they'd have been so happy. Family Fortunes and Blockbusters together at last. We can't think how it could get any better - except if maybe they'd made it a 3-4-1 with The Price is Right.

There's bad news to go with the good in both of these games however. Starting with Blockbusters 2nd Edition, the bad is that Bob Holness has been replaced by a manga-esque impostor. But moving onto Family Fortunes there's good news with regards to its presenter - it's not the vague-looking (and acting) Vernon Kaye. The bad news is, there's no presenter at all."

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