Investors Misread ‘Star Wars: Battlefront 2’ Microtransaction Outrage, It’s The Progression System

INQ: Star Wars: Battlefront 2 has created a veritable firestorm of controversy thanks to how DICE and Electronic Arts went about implementing microtransactions and loot boxes in the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC shooter. Consumer outrage forced the suspension of microtransactions last week after a reported call from Disney but investors and others from the business community are completely misreading where the outrage is coming from.

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Hardiman329d ago

These people are just out of touch and they know exactly where the outrage is coming they just refuse to change course! Just make the game F2P and the outrage goes away.

Jinger328d ago

The game is way more than a f2p title though.

Strafe328d ago

How's life on the EA bankroll?

Goldby328d ago

fine, drop the price to 30 dollars for the campaign and make the mp free 2 play

Ittoittosai328d ago

This clown is on every article defends the games craptastic content.

Artemidorus328d ago

You haven't tried many games have you??

Jinger328d ago


Brian is right, but the haters still gunna hate

Jinger328d ago


How about you play the game yourself before you talk shit.

OB1Biker328d ago

The twitter conversation is actually interesting. It's a shame gamers fail to remain civil in communities unless your a celebrity. Feels like people act like inquisition priests chanting their psalms to exhorts the devil instead of trying to have a proper discussion.

Chexs1990327d ago

Warframe begs to differ bro. In fact, the only thing setting Battlefront 2 apart from a f2p game, is the graphical prowess. The whole infrastructure of the game is designed based on f2p/mobile gaming.

jacksmith56327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

you are right its more the free to pay , at least when free 2 play shoves micro transaction and time limits its understandable shitty nevertheless but understandable , what ea did with battle front 2 is worse then that much worse they made it a triple A game with free to play play game mechanics where u have to spend to get any progress , cards and time limit and loot shoved in ur face, imagine just how much they would have made if they just made a decent game with no mt bullshit wish more publishers had cd red project ethics , o how i wish for the day no gamer buys micro transactions

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ossyc328d ago (Edited 328d ago )

@Hardiman @Strafe

F2P? LOL you cheap bastards, get a job you peasants....

...and Strafe, you say 'How's life on EA bankroll?' So you don't buy any games then and therefore on no publisher bankroll?

Fuck off with your pathetic bullshit!

notachance327d ago

which one's the cheaper bastard though,

wanting a pay-to-win games to be f2p
putting minimal content plus pay-to-win on a $60 game

RedKnightOH327d ago

When all you have is insults and profanity... you have already lost your argument.

It's time you rethink your life.

OB1Biker328d ago (Edited 328d ago )

Do you realise asking the game to be f2p is actually supporting the idea of p2w?
Thats definitely not what gamers playing the game want.

rainslacker327d ago

Maybe the investors really don't understand where the outrage is. It's not like EA is really that forthcoming about what's going on with the consumer, so it's potentially possible they're downplaying it to the investors to help support them getting more money....which obviously the investors want. When investors start to see a reason that a revenue source becomes jeopardized they start to get shaky, and it causes stocks to drop.

Maybe it's time that investors be made more aware of what's going on though. Maybe they'll be more prone to keeping things consumer friendly, because I'm sure someone, somewhere, related to EA in some way, probably does believe in keeping your customers happy to some degree.

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Ashlen329d ago

No it's not.

It was the pay to win the forced grind the duplicate items and just a general malaise towards the whole direction of the industry.

It's sad how hard all these sites are trying to push and defend the MT thing. And the sad fact is they come in two crap flavored opinions, those of the investors who just want to see their investments pay more and the other are sites that are taking checks from the industry to write these articles. Neither of them give a shit about consumers or gaming.

Queasy329d ago

The "pay to win forced grind" is what the article is referring to about the progression system if you bother to read it.

EatCrow328d ago (Edited 328d ago )

The pay to win is tied to the microtransactions. So if those are removed the pay to win is gone. At least for now.
So the title of this article is wrong.

The progression system was the way it was because of the MTs...with those MTs gone, for now, then they should reconstruct the progression a little but if they dont its up to them.

fenome328d ago

I think some people aren't understanding the full gist of the backlash here. It's not just about Mts or lootboxes, it's that the game was actually programmed around this crap.

They intentionally coded it like that on purpose and now they've changed some numbers around real quick trying to shut people up but they're actually going to have to recode it for it to be a properly balanced multiplayer game that will actually have appeal after a week or two. If they would have spent half the effort just trying to make it a good solid experience right from the start none of this would've happened.

DillyDilly328d ago

If it is pay to win it is not a progression system

OB1Biker328d ago (Edited 328d ago )

The article goes about the analyst bs already posted on N4G
He's right to criticize the analyst but Unlike he's saying, the progression is not completely dependent on loot crates. They could just remove them completely, get rid of credit and crystal and just have the craft pieces rewarding progress. You can craft your cards and upgrade them that way

moomoo319328d ago

Hearing investors call this an "overreaction" that shouldn't affect EA's stock, and hearing EA say that MTs will not even have a material effect on their bottom line...The hubris is blowing my mind right now. Its like a competition of who can be more out of touch. The optics and impact this situation will have on EA goes well beyond dollars and cents...

PapaBop328d ago

What they say publicly and whats going on behind the scenes are probably completely different things. I'd say no loot crate purchases is costing EA a lot of money right now, the entire game is designed around people casually dipping into buying that one loot crate for their "sense of pride and accomplishment" and there are a lot of older people who won't think twice about dropping the odd tenner here and there.

kevinsheeks328d ago (Edited 328d ago )

This game was going to make money regardless . . EA isn't staving they paid the CEO 20 million last year. . .

Also I had no idea during the previous EA battlefront game they bribed reddit mods to censor certain things . .sheesh EA

MetalGearAlex328d ago

This is the second "financial analyst" report I've read about Battlefront II just now. And it's clear, they are only seeing and talking money. To the point, they don't know what they're talking about -- even if they proclaim themselves to be "gamers too". No... prices should not be raised on videogames. and no, microtransactions/loot boxes/gambling should not be in videogames. but I do agree... none of that -- should be tied to any progression system. forcing you to "pay to win" in a basic sense. Analysts and lawyers can use all their legal and business jargon they want to defend themselves and this greedy schemes... but in the end... they are just evil money-grabbing practices.

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