FIFA 18 Fans Come Together To Launch #FixFIFA Campaign After Battlefront II Controversy

FIFA has always been a yearly franchise so far but it has also received its fair share of criticism as well.

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2pacalypsenow360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

I bought over 40 pack with the 8000 EA money that came with the Icon edition, and all 40 packs had nothing but trash, the best player I got was a rated 82 Mascherano.

Also the difficulty is ridiculous and unrealistic, I'm playing UT Squad battles, there is a team that had a CB and a Rb as strikers, their chemistry was 22 and overall they were a 72 rated team, I played in Ultimate difficulty and it felt like playing against Barcelona on Legendary, no way a team with such low chemistry and random player positioning be that good, especially when chemistry should affects their gameplay.

And dont get me started on the CPU always scoring at the end of the game because somehow they all regain their stamina back and somehow play perfectly.

slayernz359d ago

i probably spent close to $1000NZD last year on packs - this year havent spent a cent and wont, ive stopped playing completely and deleted it. been playing squad battles and you come up against bronze teams - defenders have like 40-50 pace and my wingers and strikers with 90+ pace cant outrun them - and then all of a sudden they ping the ball around the whole pitch and some 50 rated player smashes it in the top corner from 30 yards.....oh and dont even get me started on the disconnects when playing squad battles which is a single player mode WTF

2pacalypsenow359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

I had a bronze defender with 69 pace outrun Alexis Sanchez who has a 89 pace lol

wonderfulmonkeyman359d ago

Sounds like Rocket League would be a better soccer game, then, at least for someone like me who doesn't like sports games much in the first place.XD

mafiahajeri359d ago

Get PES its so much more laid back and its definetly funner and more rewarding when you score.

XiNatsuDragnel360d ago

FixFIFA boys don't buy more copies and refund your current FIFA 18

2pacalypsenow360d ago

Its harder than it sounds, even with all the flaws the game is very addicting.

Just like COD.

XiNatsuDragnel360d ago

I know but gamers shouldn't stand for these practices any longer we must put our foot down

michellelynn0976359d ago

No it is not. Just put your mind to it.

stupidusername359d ago

It's pretty hard indeed. Most of my friends are Football fans and buys Fifa every year, so if I don't buy it I can no longer play with my friends.
Although this year we decided to not buy Fifa18 and continue playing Fifa17, which I believe was a very good decision.

TheColbertinator359d ago

I rarely play Ultimate Team. The mode is a huge rip.

moomoo319359d ago

Man when i was a young kid i would buy packs on my moms card, that shit was addicting in a very bad way lol. When people equate loot boxes to gambling, i remember my 10 yr old self blowing my parents money on fifa packs. And i was a frugal kid, this stuff just really gets your adolescent brain in a vice grip. Not to mention every fifa youtuber peddling coins.

michellelynn0976359d ago

I do not feel for them. If you know EA is gonna screw you and you let them take advantage of you, well you bought it on yourself. Euopeans and English are so obsessed with Soccer, they will buy any game with soccer in it or the ps logo on it. Quality be danged.

AnubisG359d ago

Just like in the USA with Madden NFL.

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The story is too old to be commented.