Level 5 president talks to Famitsu, part 2

In this second part of Weekly Famitsu's interview with Level 5 president Akihiro Hino some more details on the upcoming Ninokuni are revealed. Hino talks about working with Studio Ghibli, and sheds some more light on the 'Magic Master' spellbook that comes packed with the game.

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CloudsEnd3544d ago


Games with Heart and Innovation.

I love how they make their games, everytime they do something new and innovative! Its incredible!
I love the idea of the Book! I bet it will be soooo fun to play this game while looking in the book and searching for some spells! :D

PS360WII3544d ago

Yeah the addition of the book for the game is pretty cool and I like how you have to use it and it'll give you hints on plenty of things :)