12-Month PlayStation Now Subscription gets $40 discount

The 12-Month Subscription for PlayStation Now is currently on sale at $40 off, dropping to $59.99.

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MrSwankSinatra271d ago

nobody wants to subscribe to this trash.

Puertorock77270d ago (Edited 270d ago )

The service does suck.

crazyCoconuts271d ago

When they took Vita out as a client, I stopped paying. They could have expanded to phones and tablets and done Netflix for games, but they pissed it all away. I don't need to play old games on my PS4 in low res.

Thetruebluebomber 271d ago

I went to Amazon, but it’s still showing 99.99.

Razzer271d ago

It was limited in quantity. Kinja deals reported it sold out at that price.

Thetruebluebomber 271d ago

Oh, ok. Thanks for letting me know.

indyman7777270d ago

I agree but wow. How do you run out of DIGITAL! ROFL. Okay I get it. If you have a RMA account good. But Money has to be exchanged before they can sell even digital items between Sony and Amazon. But it is STILL funny.

toyzombie271d ago

Yea its a total bummer. I would have totally bought it for $59.99

mp1289271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

PS Plus is still 39.99 at the moment, at least that deal is still active.

PhoenixUp271d ago

That should be the standard price going forward

awdevoftw271d ago

It should be included with ps plus.

271d ago
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