‘Witcher 3’ developer slams microtransactions — ‘We leave greed to others’

It's no secret that most gamers hate microtransactions. Video game publishers, on the other hand, seem to love them. The developers of the Witcher series argue that such policies are a result of greed.

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HeisenbergX365d ago

And do you leave fixing your own game to others as well CDPR ?? The Witcher 3 on the Ps4 Pro still fu**** crashes every time i compare items with merchants and when i buy and fix stuff. Sometimes even when i equip new armour.

InTheZoneAC365d ago

Hmm, was unaware of crashing, is this happening since the release of their 4k patch? I haven't played it since

tucky365d ago

Yes I have the same behavior since the ps4 pro patch

HeisenbergX365d ago

Yes it’s because of that patch it has been more than a month and still no fix.. and it’s quite a problem you have no idea how hard and obnoxious is to play it in that state. It must have crashed at least 30 times on me already :((

UltraNova365d ago

I was planning on re-visting the game this Christmas but, I'll wait for the patch. Thanks guys

HeisenbergX365d ago

I was thinking about doing that but no Witcher 3 looks awesome on the Pro with the patch i just want CDPR to fix this as they said they would a month ago.

indyman7777365d ago

@hEISENBERGX You just proved what I have been saying. GRAPHICS MATTER! It is the reason people upgrade to a new gen. machine in the first place!

JackBNimble365d ago

Resolution and graphics are two separate things. When you upgrade you're only getting better resolution, the graphics don't magically become better..... Lol

KillBill365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

@JackBNimble - point being that resolution enhances graphics to the point of making some graphics much better. Instead of graphics appearing jagged or non-clear at distance, resolution corrects these graphics to the point of making them viewable. If you have 4K graphics (graphics made specifically to a 4K game) and watch them on 1080p then for sure they will look washed out in comparison.

And yes some patches are 4K graphics patches... so those are a huge difference for many, in games that allow them.

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Never had that issue... But I play on X1 so maybe it's a glitch on PS4

DrumBeat365d ago

Nearly everything crashes on Pro, honestly.

Hardiman365d ago

Really all I play is on the Pro and I haven't had any issues with any of my games.

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The-Matrix-has-you365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

I have a possible fix for you. When you go into inventory just click down on L3 (I think) and it reduces the size of the text for weapon and growth gear stats. Game stopped crashing on my after that. Hope it helps.

HeisenbergX365d ago

@Matrix tnx man ! i will definitely try it out

Hardiman365d ago

I haven't had any issues with it on the Pro.

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Bahamut365d ago

Wise words from one of the most honorable game developers, they definitely have my respect.

andrewsquall365d ago

Yet they still took money from Microsoft, like any other dev out there, to shout about The Witcher III on their console first. When you take into account the Xbone console didn't even launch in Poland until a year later and the fact that the Xbone version of the game was going to be the ONLY DRM riddled version out of all 3 at the time of this deal, its even more embarrassing that they took that money.

They are a good studio but nothing they do is THAT incredible or above board like so many make out.

365d ago
Prince_TFK365d ago

A game dev want to earn money? Well well what a strange planet I’ve landed on.

slate91365d ago

Get off of this site, dude.

Saithraphim365d ago

Nothing wrong with that, in fact thats exactly what you want..companies like MS willing to pay extra because you created an amazing product...Everyone wins...the game dev gets extra money to push there creativity (so what if it hits one platform first) AND consumers don't get charged out the a$$ for playing a game they already paid for.

Sirk7x365d ago

Dude, the Witcher 3 was one of the most generous games ever for the price. They were vocal with the community, patched it consistently, free DLC, etc. The physical copy of the game came with a map, stickers, booklet and a Keychain. Don't knock them xD

pietro1212365d ago

Witcher 3 is one of the best rpgs to come out this gen... if not the best one.

Strafe365d ago


Go cry somewhere else with you console war bullshit.

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Cobra951365d ago

It's a relief to see at least one AAA-game maker hold the line against this travesty. Good on them.

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Puty365d ago

Or they'll eat just eat their words just like they did with the DLC if (god friggin forbid)microtransactions become a norm.

Goldby365d ago

what DLC, they released content after the fact for free and 2 expansions worthy of a price added to them

RavageX365d ago

Well, you will find that guy that will complain no matter what.

When a company DOES do DLC, I'd rather they do it the way they did. Make it free, or worthy of purchase. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion.

Diffraction_Fos365d ago

I'd also like to know exactly how CDPR ate their words with The Witcher 3 DLC. This is the first time I've heard such a thing. Please enlighten us, @Puty.

bloop365d ago

I'd gladly take DLC over mt's any day. If a game is good I have no problem paying for more. I was happy to pay for more of TW3, more of HZD with Frozen Wilds. Even last gen with GTA IV and Gears as that was my go to mp game. Not when the season pass is the same price as a full game though, and you get barely anything with it, like Battlefront 2015. If EA we're more like CDPR they wouldn't be in this mess with BFII.

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