Shadow of the Colossus-inspired Praey for the Gods targets a 2018 release, Closed Alpha in 2018

DSOGaming writes: "No Matter Studios has announced that its Shadow of the Colossus inspired title, Praey for the Gods, has been delayed to 2018. According to the team, this delay will give the team more time to continue and refine the game’s mechanics."

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mazer_rancor305d ago

When does "Inspired" go from some influences to outright theft?

darthv72305d ago

You haven't heard the old phrase... imitation is the highest form of flattery?

C-H-E-F305d ago

yeah, i just saw a trailer and wow, that is SOTC lOl, i mean graphics is the only change lOl

Jinger305d ago

You can't really steal gameplay mechanics though... I mean you can be inspired by them or use a similar system like another game, but if other developers couldn't use other game ideas then this industry would have been over in the 90's

Zeref305d ago

Looks better than the new shadow of the colossus a

bluefox755305d ago

SotC is a cool game, I have no problem with someone else putting their own spin on it.

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305d ago
isarai305d ago

Been keeping an eye on this for years, grabbin it day 1 for sure. and i'm probably this most diehard fan of SotC you'd find on N4G, don't see what's to hate about someone else taking a concept and making more with it. Not like there's ever going to be a SotC 2, and it's not like the market is saturated with SotC clones. If this releases around the same time as the SotC remake, i'm going to be unseen for weeks.

Hardiman305d ago

Haven't seen anything from this game in some time but it looks cool! With this and the SOC remake hitting next year looks like killing giants will be the thing to do!