Does Shadow of War “Make” You Buy Things?

The Shadow of War main story was… alright. Characters were just about passable and for a free-roaming game, it was really kind of short. Alas, if you love Lord of The Rings and is a stubborn person, a long hard grind must be endured… If you don’t want to spend money, and want to finish the game and see the “true ending” cutscene that ties directly into the trilogy we all know and love.

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BenjaMan64390d ago

Actually the Shadow Wars get easier as one progresses through them since if you experiment you learn of ways to strengthen your Captains and get huge amounts of experience per siege/fortress retaken, allowing Talion to level up. It's a long act, but loot boxes can't really skip the stages, you still have to do them... and the game lets you get lots of in-game money to buy loot boxes if you really want them, and you can get more by doing Online activities.

meka2611390d ago

Well it all depends, when you reach act 4 if you don't want to grind endlessly then yea they kinda force you. Everything up until act 4 was great, but the last bit was just pointless filler to pad the game length.

Razzer390d ago (Edited 390d ago )

I finished the game in ~80 hours. That is about average for a big open world game. I didn’t have to buy anything. In fact, I had a ton of in-game currency left over. And I rarely ever leveled up my captains.

datriax390d ago (Edited 390d ago )

Well, that's all in the wording. No, of it course it doesn't "make" you buy things, but it 'makes' you buy things.

The ultimate cement headed loot box horses**t defense right now "Don't "have" to buy them if you don't want.".

Right, and I don't "have" to catch a flight from New York to LA either, I could walk and get there the same in the end, albeit it a few weeks older than I would've otherwise.

It's called being "practical", and loot box bull**** makes things as "impractical" as possible to promote buying them.

Don't need a PhD. to disassemble the marketing tactics with this garbage.