Here’s The Price Of The New PlayStation 4 Pro Monster Hunter Rathalos Bundle In Singapore


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Ashlen365d ago

That's a nice looking console.

DrumBeat364d ago

Finally a design that doesn't look like trash. The Star Wars Pro looked tacky as shit.

xX-oldboy-Xx364d ago

Got mine coming from Japan, still would be nice for an Aussie release.

MeteorPanda364d ago

wait for the hong kong release and go on ebay - these guys always ship to australia so we'll probably find good deals through them

xX-oldboy-Xx364d ago

I'll try and grab one of those too, November until March is my period at work - heaps of double time.

Cheers for the tip.

UCForce364d ago

I like this one and Gran Turismo Sports Bundle.

xX-oldboy-Xx364d ago

The GTs is only a standard PS4, looks nice though. I think they'll announce a white GOW Pro model at PSX, fingers crossed.

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