Xbox 360 Blu-ray rumours gain ground - pre-Xmas release mooted

Xbox 360 Blu-ray rumours gain ground
But is it due for release prior to Christmas 2008?

The hoary old rumour that Microsoft IS developing a Blu-ray add-on drive for the Xbox 360 gains yet further ground this week, with talk of a possible pre-Xmas launch for the device.

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gusto3515d ago

Just a thought - could a third-party make an unofficial Blu-ray drive for the Xbox? I guess it would have to pass some sort of logo program, though.

Lanoire3515d ago

The moron who wrote the article, based on the rumors of yesterday and day before. So this is old and debunked news.

morganfell3515d ago

In short no. Licensing for Bluray is being very tightly controlled. Much moreso than DVD as the Bluray Group saw what a fiasco that turned out to be. Even then Microsoft has the right to approve and control ANY peripheral for the 360.

wallace10003515d ago

The blu-ray group is also not giving out licenses to any company that wants one so that they can keep the price artificially elevated by reducing competition. This is starting to change though, i believe they are now starting to grant more licenses, some of which are going to Chinese manufacturers.

Just a few links, you guys can google if you want more :-)

DARKKNIGHT3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

But i though hddvd was superior?

bluray and ms??? lol

i wouldnt trust ms with the bluray licensing...........for some strange reason, i have a feeling bluray would start being bootlegged if they allow ms to join the club

Guwapo773515d ago

It would be nice if this rumor is true (despite what MS says and what it really does) because when they had the HD-DVD player for $200. If they can do that with the Blu-Ray player that would bring HD to a lot more homes thus driving down the prices of even the PS3. May cause a financial burden on Sony yet again...but it would be worth it in the end.

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jlemdon3515d ago

I think MS is going to release one only if Blu-ray Dominates DVD sales for good.

Guwapo773515d ago

Really it is not if but when. This is exactly like the VHS and DVD war. Blu-ray is being adopted a lot faster than DVD was at this time in it's lifespan.

Citizen Cook3515d ago

Please let this be true!!!!!!


Covenant3515d ago

IF--big, big IF-- they release it...

...I'll buy it.

Iron Man, Dark Knight, Prince Caspian, Wall-E this fall, Lord of the Rings next year, not to mention a good selection of movies already.

Keep it under $150, and I think it will sell.

Montrealien3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

If you don`t want to get a PS3, And they do release it at a decent price, it sure as hell is worth it, even if it is an add on Blu-Rays are great, and your only option for HD discs. But if you can afford a PS3 get that, it is a great console.

And don`t forget, if you are just looking for a blu-ray player, they are getting pretty cheap, around 250-300 now.

The Sony Hater3515d ago

Blu-ray isn't even popular.

XXXCouture3515d ago

thats a huge denial you live in ther

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