It Now Takes 24 Hours To Unlock All Star Wars Battlefront II Heroes

From GameWatcher: "After the whole microtransaction controversy and subsequent U-turn by Electronic Arts, Star Wars Battlefront II is in dire strats in the public eye. People were not too happy with the idea of waiting hundreds of hours to play as the franchise's iconic heroes in a game they paid a lot of money for."

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chrisx390d ago (Edited 390d ago )

Ought to teach ea that you can't treat Gamers like shit. I hope the backlash never goes down,this game flops real good and disney finds some1 else to make Star Wars games.

_-EDMIX-_389d ago

Based on what I'm seeing on Amazon charts I don't really see the game flopping but definitely that Electronic Arts is going to think differently about trying to implement such a thing.

uth11389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

Whatever they replace it with will be just as hated by gamers.

Its not like the last entry wasnt extremely controversial, with its $50 season pass.

So they replaced it with a system where additional purchases are completely optional, yet somehow thats worse?!?

I honestly dont get it. I really dont

_-EDMIX-_389d ago

@uth-well I don't disagree with you there definitely is a select amount of Gamers that we're going to hate anything that came along with this game regardless of what it was, it is very clear that there is an amount of Gamers that are upset and how this was handled and I believe rightfully so.

I don't even believe the problem is that the items are completely optional I believe it's that the progression system was purposely altered to incentivize purchases.

I think going forward it's going to be even more difficult for Electronic Arts to announce a game with Micro transactions like this.

If anything this at least helps them balance the game and maybe in the future we'll just settle for cosmetic microtransactions that don't affect gameplay.

Imalwaysright389d ago

@ uth11..... not edmix or his/her/it alternate account venomsomethingsomethingx

Do you understand this?

Of course that these investigations may lead nowhere but if they are needed then obviously MTs/loot boxes fall into a grey area. Personally, I would prefer if they weren't part of the hobby that I love since I was a kid.

OmnislashVer36389d ago

uth they made it 10x worst and you're praising them?

Seriously they provided 1/3 a game last time and charged $110 for it. Now they're trying to charge you $2000 just to unlock everything in the game?

Screw both of those scenarios. How about $79.99 for the base version and $99.99 for the version with some cosmetics and collectible stuff? $149 for the ultimate edition with a figure or some shit. Not pay to win. Not half a game. That's extremely fair. Consider how many more sales they'll get by doing that. They shouldn't be trying illegal gambling schemes to make money, period.

Damthatsword389d ago

pretty sure the games sales and profits wont reach their expectations. that doesnt mean it wont be very profitable though i agree. but im sure this is more than enough to shake them up.

bolimekurac389d ago

it was the progressions system, it was totally unballanced, and it was beyond grind making it a must to buy crates. it was a mess but thanks to the outrage ( this one was deserved) it is now fixed

_-EDMIX-_389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

@boli-absolutely agreed it was very clear that the progression system was made simply so they could try to sell crates.

Keep in mind that I don't even mind a long progression in a multiplayer game but not when it is being artificially created to try to incentivize purchases for fast advancement.

CorndogBurglar389d ago

@ uth11

Well then you must not understand what they really did.

Yes, they made purchases optional. Except they did it by making it damn near impossible to unlock everything WITHOUT purchasing loot crates. Over 40 hours of gameplay to unlock 1 hero? Even the most die-hard players wouldn't stick around long enough to unlock all heroes and weapons through normal gameplay at that rate. It would have taken literally thousands of hours to unlock everything. And not only that, but the money you pay is for a crate that gives you randomized items, so you don't even really know what your money is going toward or how much you will have to pay to get lucky enough to unlock everything. That even makes a $50 season pass look good. At least with a season pass you know what you are getting and for how much. This way you could spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars before unlocking everything.

So yeah, i'll pretend you just weren't informed on what was going on, because if you were you wouldn't be praising this system over a season pass. Not that a $50 season is acceptable either, mind you.

fiveby9389d ago

The game will underperform projections.
I think at issue here is EA pushing a business model which goes way way too far. They figured they could fleece all the Star Wars fans out there and they'd pony up all their money just because it's Star Wars. Taking advantage of uninformed parents shopping for Xmas presents. EA will be merciless with their own IP's which are not external properties like SW. Look what they do with FIFA. Can you imagine what they will do to Anthem?

EA could do such great things but they care less about their customer satisfaction than they should. I wish EA could be a reputable company who everyone looks up to as the model for the industry. Sadly they are the opposite.

indysurfn389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

Going from record setting sales down to just great is a flop. Especially to them because it is millions (MONEY). Which is all their cared about. Do you really think they did not lose sales? They even admitted it!

Still this concerns me. You have to put ALL your credit into unlocking players? How realistic is that? Unlock a player, and have nothing for abilities and weapons and other things? They need to take them OUT. It will still have the same stigma of Micro-transactions! Did Microsoft get all their momentum back after the reveal? No. Should have never ATTEMPTED it, and tried their customers. At least they was smart enough to back off. EA is so greedy they are taking measured steps back.

1 First they tried to hide the micro-transaction.
2 Then they minimized them.
3 They lied about it being exaggerated by the press.
4 They then lied about costing so much.
5 They lied saying it did not affect game play (douche-bags believed it).
6 Then they lied about taking it all the way out.
7 Instead of removing them, Now they are taking steps back making it sound like 24 hours, But that is if you put ALL YOUR CREDITS into UNLOCKING. There is probably
10 things you need those credits for.

How many times are you going to let a company Lie and Mislead you before you skip a game? If your desperate because of the Star wars. Buy it used it will be out there 1-2 days after launch for at least 5 dollars cheaper.

indyman7777389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

Why you keep repeating this lie? Since the REVEAL of the reviewers this game fell from the top spot to 22. Horizon Zero dawn which has been out since the start of the YEAR is ahead of this game!

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blackblades389d ago

I can't believe it actually worked, hopefully it's a start.

stefd75389d ago

It worked because we have the power, not the companies that make the games. I hope they are a little bit scared as they now know that we have a voice and we can make or brake any game that comes out in the future. EA may have not listened to us but Disney and everyone else did.

rpvenom388d ago

Can anyone here confirm if this is true? I'll believe it when I see it.

Crueltylizer388d ago

The sad news is that if it was only up to EA this issue would still persist.

It was only cause of Disneys interference that they did this. Disney was afraid this would create a negative impact on "The Last Jedi".

DVAcme388d ago

Even of the game doesn't flop, it'll still underperform to expectations of shareholders and Disney themselves. Even if EA doesn't lose the rights to the franchise, don't be surprised of Disney decides to send a few execs to keep EA on a shorter leash where Star Wars is concerned. You simply do not mess with Disney's image, and EA messed up HARD in that regard.

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XiNatsuDragnel390d ago

Cool but not done once lootboxes are KIA than its confirmed

Movefasta1993389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

I hope to see this same type g energy from guys like you when last of us 2!and red dead redemption 2 have loot boxes

XiNatsuDragnel389d ago

Yep that's like smoking weed

Ittoittosai389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

Red dead redemption 2 will have no question because take two already said every game they produce from now on will have them because so many tards bought shark cards on GTA 5.

combatcash389d ago

So why do people just opt to not buy loot boxes? As long as the "Loot" doesn't create an advantage in multiplayer, then it shouldn't be an issue. I have never paid for any loot box, and I don't plan to purchase any. I think the issue here is the fact it would have taken thousands of hours to unlock all of the content. Honestly a good 50 hours would be reasonable, you'll be rewarding the players who invest heavy minutes into your game. My biggest issue is the price point for new map packs, the pricing is ridiculous, but people happily pay these ludicrous amounts so there's no stopping it now.

indyman7777389d ago

Yeah that will be a test. Will us PS4 loyalist let brand loyalty cause us to bend over for Sony? I think NOT! Red dead redemption? I think Not. Even the stupidest person knows you can buy used.

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rainslacker389d ago

If they made JarJar the only playable character initially, I bet their loot box purchases would have skyrocketed.

_-EDMIX-_389d ago

Well that's good to hear

I don't mind grinding in multiplayer games long term as that's kind of part of the fun but not if it's going to be altered simply to try to incentivize people to purchase. So what we're seeing from the current state of Star Wars Battlefront II in my honest opinion is the way Battlefront 3 needs to be releasing.

No microtransactions simply have a normal progression on altered as well as free season pass in free DLC and I think they will be okay it is very clear they've lost some sales based on this action. I personally don't even care if they want to have a bunch of cosmetic microtransactions simply leave out game progression weapons and other things that alter the gameplay.

I don't think they've lost enough sales to really hurt them but enough to take notice.

OB1Biker389d ago

About the misinformation I agree but, while we know the general satisfaction of spanking EA has taken over the objectivity on forums, to be fair the gaming media are main conveyer of misinformation as usual.

indyman7777389d ago

_-EDMIX-_ Why you keep repeating this lie? Since the REVEAL of the reviewers this game fell from the top spot to 22. Horizon Zero dawn which has been out since the start of the YEAR is ahead of this game!

jmc8888388d ago

You do realize that just about everything above it is on black friday sales right?

indyman7777388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

Nintendo franchises rarly have real black Friday sales. New AAA games should not NEED black Friday sales to keep up with older games. See HALO 1 through three for example those games didnt drop until AFTER the new ones came out.

Christopher389d ago

Should note, there's a lot more to do after unlocking things. You still need to level things up.