What to look for when purchasing a 4K TV for your Xbox One X

The Xbox One X is set to be released on 7th November with 4K Gaming and HDR at the top of its many selling points. Even though Microsoft claim that the new Xbox will still look great on a 1080p TV, the raw power of this new machine makes it the most powerful console ever made and to fully take advantage of its full capabilities, you are going to need a 4K TV.

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360d ago
sk8ofmnd360d ago

4k, 120 hz refresh rate, hdr, 10 bit color (or better) and a low latency... that is all 😁. I personally would go Samsung qled from 2017 or waiting for mar-apr for a 2018 model. With first hand exp with Samsung, Sony, and LG t.v.'s the u.i. and what you get for the price Samsung is a clear winner imo.

ocelot07360d ago

I have 2 a cheaper Hisense M7000 and a LG B7 OLED. The B7 is amazing for both picture quality and HDR quality with low latency. The Hisense has amazing picture quality but not as good HDR quality (£600 TV). But holds it's own against the B7.

The LG OLED B6 is also pretty damn good.

pingthing360d ago

I quite snobbishly paid £1600 for last year's Samsung flagship, then my younger brother payed £700 for a Hisense and I'll be honest and say that the cheaper TV is a cracking set.

C-H-E-F360d ago

Samsung is ehh I have all 4k LG's in my house, 2 LGB6's, 1 65SJ8500SKU and 1 60UH7700... LG is just the better tv to me... I used to have that 4k Sony Bravia, but it was ehh, blacks weren't black enough my B6's though, def. bang for the buck.

sk8ofmnd359d ago

The picture on the LG oled looks great but the ui is trash imo.

kevnb360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

120 hz input would be nice, dont think its a common feature or even supported by the one x. Im ok with my cheap 4k tv without hdr for now.

2cents360d ago

I'm gonna risk it and go for the Q7F 55".
X90 is really nice but i prefer a more vivid colour pallet than black levels. I just don't want to risk OLED screen burn. Seen too many horror stories and the fact it isn't covered under warranty means I'll have to pass on OLED for now so no LG for me :(

SojournUK359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

Bought a Sammy quantum dot a year or so ago, great TV but could buy the same quality set for a fraction of the price today

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