We’re finally getting a Mario Movie, but why did it take so long? - Digital Fox

After 20 years, we're getting another Mario movie - thankfully not another live-action. This is why it's taken Nintendo so long.

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FallenAngel198425d ago

1.) Cuz videogame movies have had a sketchy past

2.) Super Mario Bros being the first movie based on a videogame was the herald of what was to come in the years that followed.

Moonman25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

My favorite video game movie is The Wizard. It's low key I think The Adventures Of Super Mario Bros. 3 show was Mario's best animated feature. Zelda has the most potential to tell a depth story. Anyone else think the 1985 Tom Cruise movie Legend influenced some of The Legend Of Zelda? I sure think so! Not the original NES game but elements of Ocarina Of Time.

jagermaster61924d ago

I've never even heard of that movie but just looked up the trailer and wow I can totally see that good call!

fenome24d ago

The Wizard was awesome! That movie taught me some tricks on Mario Bros. 3. Lol

I've seen Legend but it's been so long I don't remember much about it.

HaveSumNuts25d ago

How can you make a movie about a guy that grows when he eats mushrooms but shrinks when a mushroom with legs touches him? Like wtf

jagermaster61924d ago

Well I guess you haven't seen very many movies...

BadElf24d ago

Wuht? How can you make a movie about a Dog that plays basketball?

CloudStrife90025d ago

I really enjoyed the original, despite the lashing it got.

BadElf24d ago

Yeah as a wee lad, I didnt mind it. It scared me a bit though

roadkillers24d ago

Haha. The Gumba's small head on that huge body. I never minded video game movies, I always thought they were fun tongue and cheek. Firstly enjoyed Mario Bros, then Double Dragon I loved, Mortal Kombat was my jam, and Street Fighter was alright.

fenome24d ago

I liked that movie too.

Geeeebeeee24d ago

maybe the last movie they made of Mario was cringe worthy.
but also what plot can you actually write for Mario?
stick to the game, then the plot would be, fighting tortoises, eating mushrooms, fight browser, save peach. non fans would be like 'what?!?!'
do something new fight aliens etc, or some cross over to 'human' world (Ala smurfs) plot, that would piss off fans. even i would be like 'WTF'
imagine how difficult this would be

hanko1424d ago

hopefully its like that mario live action tv show :P

NotoriousWhiz24d ago

You can't take a video game with an awful story and make a movie out of it.

Uken1224d ago

Dude most movies have terrible stories. Most Superhero movie's stories are bare bones with throwaway enemies. So why wouldn't they be able to make a Mario Movie? They could make a good one similar to an Incredibles type of movie.

You ever play Mario RPG? It has a good story. Made by Squaresoft, regarded as one of the best games of all time by many?

fenome24d ago

You ain't lyin'. Mario RPG is one of my all time favorites, I still have my Super NES catridge.

Uken1224d ago

One of the reasons I waited like 70 minutes for the SNES classic!

fenome24d ago

Well they're making a movie about Rampage, so yeah, I guess they can. Lol

It's funny how much the industry has shifted, before it was all about making video games out of movies and now it's all about making movies out of video games.

Lighter924d ago

You took my comment. The Rock is determined to be in almost all video game movies.

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