Should Early Access Games be GOTY Contenders?

The P2 team chats about the sticky issue of GOTY awards and early access/unfinished games.

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fiveby9360d ago

Agree. Only finished released games. Treating early access as if it were a finished product is only going to encourage more devs to leave games unfinished. Look how long DayZ has been in early access. As highly regarded as PUBG is right now, even Brendan Greene, to his credit, felt like PUBG should not receive the award.

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kevnb360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

If it’s good enough to be nominated stop being a console fanboy. There is no logical argument against an early access game being nominated, assuming people actually like the game.

Goldby360d ago

Actually there's no sound argument to make it able to be nominated.

It's an unfinished game.mesning they are going to change it. Stuff that's in it now may not be in it in the future, and stuff that isn't in it now may pop up later.

Simplest term, your reward a company for not finishing their job. How Crazy does that sound?

I guess I could have given the award for best gift to my friend who gave me a piece of paper if only he said one day it would be a house

kevnb360d ago

Online games always change, and if the game was just a drawing and not enjoyed by millions at a time it wouldn’t be in the discussion. You are just salty.

Damthatsword359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

you dont really have an argument other than console fanboy aye? im sorry this buggy mess of a game cant be regarded as a finished product. as far as real quality is concerned, this game is like a screwless airplane. you can go back to playing your half-a-game now.

Monster_Tard359d ago

We have people considering the game for GOTY and are going to make their decisions before the game officially releases(Like The Game Awards), what if for some reason the game ends up getting pushed back a few weeks? Then we have a game that's either won GOTY or received a nominee for it in 2017 and didn't even release that year, should it then be acceptable for it to get nominated again in 2018? It leaves room for error and there has to be a line drawn somewhere.

It seems stupid to me and I'm an Xbox fan that's looking forward to the game.

Teflon02359d ago

why would a beta, alpha etc be a game of the year contender? That makes absolutely no sense. Whether a game changes or not. You need a full release product to judge with. Early access games can take a complete left at anytime.

agent4532359d ago

The game needs to be finished. The problem with early access is the game is still in development and can change a lot. The game journalists should not encourage game developers by giving awards to games still in development which will lead to many more games in development limbo

kevnb359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

if the game is already one of the best games of the year that should end the discussion, how is that so hard for you guys to accept? If its too unfinished and in rough shape it wouldnt be considered. I doubt any of you have actually played it, just salty console fans. I know people disagreeing are console fanboys, they are the ones buying unfinished games that are never ever finished (or changed) and instead have paid dlc and sequels every year while pc gamers enjoy games with ongoing support. PC also has the benefit of letting people release nearly anything they want and calling it a beta, early access or whatever they feel like... on console they just release the game.

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Chexs1990358d ago

What most people fail to understand, is the difference between a great game, and a popular one. PUBG is a lot of fun, but nowhere near polished enough to be considered great on any front. A great game consists of various metrics working together (i.e. design, gameplay, sound, story etc.), which warrants a GOTY nomination.

Kribwalker358d ago

How did SF5 win fighting game of the year last year then? because it was essentially an early access game

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porkChop360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

No. Until the game is finished it shouldn't be eligible for awards. As fun as PUBG is, it's FAR from a stable or polished experience. Numerous bugs, performance issues, graphical glitches, etc. The PUBG devs have certainly not earned a GOTY nomination.

Some people have made the argument that because the 1.0 update is coming soon, it's fair game for awards. I disagree. A) the update isn't out, so we don't know if it will actually fix the game. B) the update won't be out until *after* the awards show. And C) that release date is only for the test/beta server.

The nomination could have gone to many games that are far more deserving of it. Nier, Wolfenstein II, Divinity II, and even Mario + Rabbids would be much better choices.

But PUBG is extremely popular with the streaming community, and will bring in boatloads of viewers for the awards. Which is exactly why it's been given the nomination in the first place.

Liqu1d360d ago

No. Finished products only.

UCForce360d ago

That’s a No to be honest. Only finished product.