Monster Hunter World Gets New Screenshots Showing Housing, Training Area and More

New Monster Hunter World screenshots released by Capcom showcase the facilities that can be found in the hub city of Astrea.

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Chaosdreams360d ago

This will bring countless hours of joy.

S2Killinit360d ago

This will be my first monster hunter.

XStation4pio_Pro360d ago

now lets see some One X enhanced gameplay

xX-oldboy-Xx360d ago

You and I both know Xbox owners won't support this game, regardless of graphical enhancements.

OT: This game deserves massive sales, the gameplay is refined after 10 yrs of making MH. I played a few on PSP but they couldnt compare to the PS2 orogianl.

gangsta_red360d ago

Definitely want to see what enhancements the X will bring.

S2Killinit360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

Just a slight bump in sharpness.

gangsta_red360d ago

Or maybe a major overhaul in res, sharpness, FPS and the likes. I mean we are talking about ...the BEAST!

xX-oldboy-Xx360d ago

S2Killinit - @ 600% magnification, DF new standard.

j15reed360d ago

They won't show it because they are loyal to the PS brand and they don't wanna show the best place to play on console. Aloy is in the game so that should tell you everything.

bluefox755360d ago

This game looks so freaking cool. Never played a MH game, but since I've been following this, I'm starting to see why the series is so popular.

Vizigoth04360d ago

The menu screens look great and colorful. Looking forward to this one for sure.

_-EDMIX-_360d ago

Nice you can have a house