Actiontrip Review: Rock Band 2

Actiontrip writes: "In order for a sequel to be successful, a developer has to walk a fine line of adding new features and tweaking what needs to be fixed without smothering what made the original so popular. With Rock Band 2, Harmonix kept what worked from the original game: You can still customize your rocker by purchasing clothes, tattoos, hairstyles and accessories but don't expect any major innovations here, as all of the new additions are only in the window dressing; that is you can't change the physical attributes of your character, just the paper doll like attachments. You can still choose to tackle the game on your own as a singer or using any of the instruments or play with up to 3 of your friends in the World Tour.

If you don't have any friends (Stop looking at me!) you can go online and play with others, which is a nice new addition. Playing the songs well still gets you points, money and fans which unlocks new venues with new songs to play."

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